Al-Haj FAW Ready to Launch Locally Assembled V2 in Pakistan

In January 2015, Pakistan’s automobile segment received a much-awaited addition in its 1300cc hatchback category. If you are confused about the reference, then I am hinting at the launch of FAW V2. Skeptic, hesitant and above all else cautious; these three words would probably describe the behavior of Pakistani consumers after V2’s launch in the country, which brings me point out the fact that although V2 was not an instant success, remarkably it has managed to turn (many) doubters into believers. And as it stands, Al-Haj FAW has not yet completely managed to woo Pakistani Consumers (regarding passenger vehicles). Why? Well, there are a couple of issues:

  1. Any new auto manufacturer cannot truly tap into the potential of a market until they start their production in and for a specific demographic area.
  2. In conjunction with the fact mentioned above, it is impossible to start fabricating all components for an automobile at a single location or plant. So, that’s where local auto-parts manufacturers step in. Without their support, this process is going to end up taxing on both finances and schedule of a company.


There have been confessions in the past from company officials that Al-Haj FAW is planning to assemble V2 in Pakistan. Company’s top officials have disclosed that the first batch of locally assembled V2 will be launched by the end of May-2017. Initially, many of us were expecting this launch back in 2016, but considering the lack of infrastructure, support from local vendors and a lack of any stable auto-policy might’ve played a role in slowing down company’s plans. Nonetheless, the company is geared up to launch the locally assembled V2′ in Pakistan, so here is what you need to know:

  • There won’t be a significant price change with this car.
  • The initial car will be launched with a manual transmission, which will be followed up with an automatic variant.
  • The Company is (reportedly) focussing on improving both, interior & exteriors’ build quality.
  • Officials haven’t spoken up on the feature list, but they are hinting at some surprises.
  • The official launch date is yet to be announced, but the company higher-ups have remarked to expect it in May of this year.

Considering the fact that Al-Haj FAW is offering three years and 60,000 kilometres of warranty with its products (without any additional cost), as opposed to industry standard two years and 50,000 kilometres extended warranty by a majority of key automobile manufacturers in Pakistan; the company’s behaviour and an increased investment points towards a serious attitude. In simple words, Pakistan could gain its fourth major auto manufacturer sooner than many of industry experts had predicted.

Since the most recent auto-policy went into effect, things or dare I say the local automotive industry has gone haywire. With interested investors popping in left and right, the existing market players had to initiate their A-games to sustain their market share as well as maintain the good will of the public. Nonetheless, these initiatives are a welcome relief for both local businesses’ and consumers. Add the rapidly completing CPEC into this picture, and we have a catalyst awaiting to unleash growth in Pakistani automotive market.



Abdul Hanan

Hanan is an avid auto enthusiast with a flair for writing and playing games. He loves traveling, deciphering political maneuvering and exploring the realms of coding & graphic designing.

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  1. Why do we prefer a 1000cc V2 over 1300cc, When we get all the benefits (in terms of specification) of a 1.3 liter hatchback at a price of 1000cc hatchback with much added features ? Even a 1000cc Wagon R with no features is more expensive than 1300cc V2.

    Come on guys !!!! This car deserves a praise for whatever features it is offering at this price and that also with 3 years warranty.

  2. Its people mentality here 1000cc consume less fuel than 1300cc, but it depends on size of car.

    V2 actually consume less fuel than our old 1000cc Cultus

  3. FAW Lyallpur Motors updated their status today on FB.

    For more info & Booking details

  4. All the respected members who are willing to buy FAW V2,I would like to share my experience with CKD (locally assembled ) V2. I bought the car 3 days ago.Interior quality of car is good.But the under-body mechanical parts are not of high quality.After driving through few potholes, rear suspension started making noises and the rear doors as well.Just like a suzuki Mehran. Car was very comfortable and provided some cusioning effect similar to corolla but it rattled highly when passing through potholes.I got the car checked.Its rear wheel brake drums ,steering rack and rear suspension had developed some faults only after driving 600 kms and had to be replaced.I returned the car considering the pathetic quality of parts used in Faw V2. Earlier,I laughed at people who used to say that it should be priced at Mehran's price.But tbh this car has same noise issues as of Mehran. And this was the case with 2 other customers who bought CKD units of V2. Wind noise issue is covered upto some extent.I had Mehran for 2 years before I bought this car.My experience with V2 was very bad as of some other customers.It should be priced between Mehran and wagon r.I am not saying the car is a total loss.But,AL-HAJ will take some time to improve its quality and cover these issues.Right now,CKD Faw is not a good car considering a budget of 11.5 lac.Everyone has his own choice.I just gave my opinion.Hope that it will help some buyers.

  5. It is true that the big three local assemblers have in the past been instrumental in making new entrants' entry in the market extremely tough and have applied ethical and unethical means to achieve their purposes. This is why many of us (old members of PW) take such "claims" from "anonymous" posters at PW discrediting new entrants, with a pinch of salt and with due scepticism.

    The best two ways to gauge the quality of the vehicle is (1) to test drive it yourself, which FAW dealerships allow you to do so freely; and (2) to ask an existing FAW V2 user "on the road" about how his experience has been with the vehicle.

    In Karachi, where I'm based, I see a lot of V2 owners and till now I have personally asked two of them about their experience. And both were quite satisfied with their vehicles, with respect to build quality as well as fuel economy.

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