On a Coffee Chat with COO Daewoo Battery – Mr. Ali Aslam


PakWheels.com strives to bring exclusive interviews for its readers. This time we have with us the COO of Daewoo Battery, Ali Aslam. We asked questions regarding the battery its importance etc. Read what he had to say about the battery.

Daewoo Battery – a next-generation battery was launched nationwide in the first week of May-2018.

Q1: Tell us about the Daewoo Battery?

Ali Aslam: Daewoo Battery is the only manufacturer of Lead Acid batteries in Pakistan offering a complete range of 100% Maintenance Free Batteries for Automotive and Specialized Deep Cycle Batteries for UPS and Solar Systems available across Pakistan. These specialized batteries are designed to be fully compatible with Pakistani environment and manufactured using most advanced Korean Technology under the direct supervision of Korean Experts. The blend of continuous innovation, advanced technology, and quality assurance measures provides best in class product quality and high performance of starting batteries for automotive and deep cycle batteries for UPS.  

Q2: You told us that the battery is 100% maintenance free, would you elaborate what do you mean by that? Is there exactly no need to maintain it in any manner whatsoever?

AA: Answer: Yes, the battery which we are offering for automotive is fully 100 percent maintenance free. The battery is sealed that is why there is no need to add battery water in it. No Maintenance till its lifetime. Moreover, it’s a Ready to Use battery, meaning the battery is sent to the market after charging and filling it with good quality electrolyte. Now, one doesn’t need to go to wait at the battery shop to get it charged at the time of purchase. It saves time and energy for the end user. Furthermore, the battery water (electrolyte) which the company fills is of good quality, it enhances the life of the battery.

Q3: Does it mean you just have to purchase the battery, put it in the car and just drive away?

AA: Yes, indeed that is the case. Now consumers just have to buy it and use it right away without any hassle.

Q4: The company is branding that the Battery has the highest CCA? Kindly, brief us what CCA is?

AA: In Daewoo Battery, the CCA is higher than other batteries. CCA basically means Cold Cranking Amperes. And due to high CCA in batteries, it starts the car engine quickly without any hassle in cold weather.

Q5: Tell us about Daewoo UPS battery, how it is different from other batteries?

AA: Daewoo’s Deep Cycle Technology battery is specially made for UPS. Commonly, people use batteries made for trucks in the UPS, which is used to start the engine. While the purpose of a UPS battery is to give long backup time in load-shedding. The deep cycle battery is ideally suited for such application providing longer backup time as well as the longer life of the battery.

Q6: How much backup time does this battery provide compared to other batteries?

AA: Daewoo’s Deep Cycle Technology UPS battery not only provides longer life as a UPS battery but also gives longest backup time as well. If compared with the conventional truck battery it provides much longer backup time due to deep discharge technology and the battery life is also much more.

Q7: Does Deep Cycle Technology battery come with a warranty?

AA: Yes, certainly it comes with the 1-year free replacement warranty. If within one year any kind of manufacturing fault occurs in the battery the company will replace it without charging any money as per company’s replacement policy.

For more details on battery features, please visit Daewoo Battery’s official website www.daewoobattery.com and like our page @DaewooBatteryPakistan  to follow us on Facebook.

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