All-wheel-drive Corolla is a treat to watch

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Toyota does not make AWD Corollas. Although in the past there were RWD Corollas but now, Toyota doesn’t makes them anymore to reduce manufacturing costs, in fact most of the manufacturers make FWD for low priced cars.

The X Corolla as it is known here in Pakistan in this video has a 3SGTE engine swap from the olden Celicas which were offered in either 4WD or just FF depending on the position the engine was mounted.

Toyota had many many fun cars available throughout the world but now it doesn’t, the FT-86 is an effort to redeem that image but Toyota does have small cool cars which are tailored made for specific countries.

Toyota has kept every country as a separate enterprise. I think the Etios (Offered in hatch and sedan trim) that was launched specifically for India was cheap, good looking and economical which could’ve done massively well in other countries too. Competing against the Polo, Punto, Swift Dzire etc etc in India – it got damn good reviews.

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  1. Salman says

    LOL! Research before you write stuff. There was a whole series of AWD corollas under the AE-104 series. basically an indus corolla with AWD, but never available in Pakistan.

  2. umairlal says

    The corolla comes in AWD.. touch the market….

  3. bk says

    Please read completely before you jump to conclusions. I’ve said that there were AWD Corolla in the past but not now. Cheers.

  4. metalhead says

    Yesterday i have seen one Indus corolla 96 custom cleared in 2011, with ABS and Auto AWD option. It was for sale. I am interested in it but afraid about the Auto AWD maintenance? Should i be worrying about it?

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