Amnesty scheme for NCP cars declared illegal by IHC

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In June this year, Islamabad High Court declared the amnesty scheme illegal and ordered FBR to impound all vehicles however, Lahore High Court suspended IHC’s decision later that month. Now though, Islamabad High Court’s Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui declared the amnesty scheme illegal and released a detailed judgment on the matter which had cleared more then 50,000 vehicles at an estimated loss of 35 billion rupees to the government.

The court said, “It is beyond understanding why the Amnesty Scheme was introduced for the vehicles already confiscated by the Customs authorities which could have fetched far more revenue through an open auction. Perhaps the government officials would also desire reaping fruits of their sullied hands by taking a piece of the pie”.

“the Amnesty SRO has not been framed for the welfare of the people rather framed by certain influentials for their own benefits and the benefit of certain privileged class.”

IHC further ordered for an inquiry be established against the corrupt customs and government officials so a matter of such sort never happens again.

Through the court’s order, amnesty scheme was declared void and the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is directed to seize all the 50,901 vehicles and auction them.

According to the data collected by customs, those 50,901 vehicles were cleared by payment of 15,862.27 million rupees as duties and taxes which otherwise, through normal channel were estimated to be 35 billion rupees.

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  1. Moeez Abbasi says

    this judge is not in his senses.

  2. Muhammad Saad Zia says

    He definitely is!

  3. Maroof Khan Kakar says

    How can my car be confiscated if I have paid tax to legally register it. Where were you Mr. Judge when people were paying tax to legalize ncp cars. This is seriously 100% wrong use of power.
    Supreme court please take action against it, so that ones who paid tax to clear their cars can be protected.. GO HOME MR JUDGE.. YOU'RE DRUNK.

  4. Viki Kahn says

    the government should pay back the duties and confiscate all the ncp cars because the channel through which these cars came in our country and then legalize them is illegal and void by the law….its done because of the interest of certain government leaders for their gains…. ISLAMABAD HIGH COURT is correct….

  5. Muhammad Arshad says

    محترم جسٹس صاحب السلام علیکم!
    آج میں یہ سوچ کر رمضان بازار نہیں جا رہا ہوں کے کہیں سستی چیزیں دینے کا یہ فیصلا کالعدم نہ ہو جائے کے ملک آئی ایم ایف سے قرضے لے رہا ہے اور ان حالات میں ملک سستی چیزیں دینے کا متحمل نہیں ہو سکتا آئینی خلاف ورزی ہوئی ہے لہٰذا ایف آئی اے لوگوں کے پیٹ سے سستی چینی اور آٹا نکال لے تاکے اسے نیلام کر کے شوگر مل مالکان اور آٹا فیکٹری مالکان کو پہنچنے والے نقصان کا ازالہ کیا جا سکے۔.

    اپ کا فیصلا تاریخی ہے جسے محنت کش سفید پوش لوگوں کی نسلییں یاد رکھیں گی۔ ویسے بھی یہ لوگ مار کھانے کیلیے دنیا میں آتے ہیں، کیڑے مکوڑوں کی طرح روز مرتے ہیں، کوئی نہیں پوچھتا اچھی چیز ان کیلئے نہیں ہوتی یہ صرف غاصب بھائیوں کا حق ہے۔.

    اب ہم آپکے فیصلے کی روشنی میں ملکی اسیمبل تھرڈ کلاس کاریں فرسٹ کلاس گاڑیوں کے ریٹ پر خریدیں گے تاکے ملکی لٹیروں کو لوٹ مار میں زیادہ تکلیف نہ ہو۔.
    اب ہم اچھی گاڑی کے بارے میں ہرگز نہیں سوچیں گے یہ صرف حاکم کا حق ہے۔ جو کمپنی، غاصب سے مک مکا کر چکی ہے اسے اب عوام کو لوٹنے کا پورا حق ہے۔.
    صرف ایک بات کہوں گا۔.
    میں غریب آدمی ہوں اور میری یہ گاڑی میری محنت کی کمائی تھی جسےجائز حکومت وقت نےجائز مارکیٹ سے جائز طور پر خریدنے اور جائز طور پر رجسٹر کرانے کو کہا اور اب آپ اس تمام کاروائی کو غیرقانونی قرار دے چکے ہیں۔.
    مہربانی کر کےعوام سے مذاق نہ کریں اور یہ رمضان بازار بند کئے جائیں۔.

  6. Fawad Khan says

    Sorry, but I beg to differ. If the honorable court wants to confiscate the vehicles then govt should get the person on whose name vehicle was cleared. I got the car from open market by paying 7 lac. Duty paid on it is about 2 lac. So you say I shall take 2 lacs and hand over the vehicle?? I didn't smuggle it, nor did I steal it. I bought 100% legal vehicle. Why should I suffer?? If the order had to be given then it should have been given while these vehicles were being legalized.
    This doesn't mean that the scheme is right, just the method of declaring it illegal is incorrect. If the right decision is to be made then the original owners should be caught and made to refund he money of end-users.
    Also keep in mind that in tribal areas keeping NCP vehicles is legal provided they remain within a specific area. What will the court do if the owners of those vehicles refuse to hand over the vehicles and instead ask for complete return of the tax that they paid and that they won't take the vehicles out of that specific area??
    And lastly if this scheme is illegal then past amnesty schemes will also be asked to be declared illegal. A sort of Pandora box will open. I still don't understand how an order can be implemented on something that has already occurred. Next day some judge may declare a marriage illegal after 2 years coz he wasn't invited. WTF.

  7. Em Kay says

    Baccho ka game bana diyaa hai..
    pakistan hai, anything possible.
    anparh judge baite howey hai..
    Where were u all when the scheme was launched.
    Why people are going to Suffer.
    Non-sense Govt/judges.
    Why are they disturbing it now.
    ppl have paid the duties bass baat khatm..
    If there are internal issues to Yaar aapas mai solve karo naa, why people have to suufer.

  8. Abs Khan says


  9. Abuzar Faiz says

    was ba sakey

  10. Abuzar Faiz says

    Omer Ismail da sa wae haha

  11. Kabir Tariq says

    I legally paid complete tax and duties so plz think about the
    decion mrs justice its not fair .

  12. Waqas Aftab says

    This judge is going to be mad ….

  13. Waqas Aftab says

    u are right

  14. Waqas Aftab says

    This judge is going to be mad .. we have paid taxes and buy cars from third party .. now this not right time to take decision that this scheme is legal or illegal .. where was this Judge when this scheme was approved .. i am not giving my car back ..

  15. Moeez Abbasi says

    muhammad zia bhai g jb government na start ki the tb khtm kr deta na..jn logon na tax aur paise de kr gari li un ka kya qasoor?

  16. Moeez Abbasi says

    100% agreed

  17. Omer Ismail says

    The Lahore high court have already took actions, IHC decession was suspended, the case is still in the court hearings ayy kege guess you guys have no idea, what's happening ? And soon they'll announce the judgement in favour of the people lol

  18. Nurlan Irkenivich says

    ihc is fuck court fuck it and government we need to bring revolution like arab countries otherwise the government will make our lives horrible.

  19. Nurlan Irkenivich says

    this judge needs to die fuck him like a whore.

  20. Nurlan Irkenivich says

    behan chod kay bachay

  21. Nurlan Irkenivich says

    ma chodo in behanchodo ki

  22. Habib Ullah Khan says

    Yaar is judge ki apni gariya dubai main pass gai to is waja se yes doosro ko b mehroom kar raha hain yaar yes kese ho sakta hain…..muft me zabt ho jaengi.

  23. Abid Raza Khan Bhojia says

    laaalach buri bala hai.

  24. M Hassnain Sial says

    surf k kya bane ga 😛

  25. Waqas Aftab says

    I think we have to go supreme court…

  26. Fatima Gul says


  27. Abid Raza Khan Bhojia says

    hum ne tu wapis kar dia tha

  28. Sonu Monu says

    Agar koi b apni car sale karna chahta hai ya new lana cahata hai to yes site vist kary I visit it and its an awsome site
    Must Visit Peoples.

  29. Afzal Abbasi says

    Courrpt judge hai pasay kha gea hai begairt

  30. Rana Ahsan Wasim Raza says

    Well Said….

  31. Shama Priya says

    Mr judge of IHC will u return the money to the owners of the vehicles who cleared in amnesty scheme will u pay them from your pocket or the money gone in government treasure and in the pockets of corrupt custom department officials will mr judge take it out from there and give them back why did not court stopped it on time when this scheme was running for 1 month even though this method of clearing vehicles is wrong but justice should be prevailed never to make fun of people hard earned money its easy to pass judgment orders but that judgment should be fully based on justice too.

  32. Zain Ahmed says

    Kindly amnesty scheme affectes inbox your numbers because we are going for intra court appeal so that the expenses of lawyer,etc wuld be divided b/w ppl. Thanks !!! More da ppl,LESS would b expenses. Thanks !!!!

  33. Awais Zia says


  34. Rizwan Javed says

    ya to LAMFO oogya

  35. Majid Khan Afridi says

    why he didn't took notice when it was under way what will common people do who buyed car and this isn't first time then all schemes from 1947 till now be declared cancelled

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