Amnesty scheme launched for smuggled/NCP vehicles

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If by any chance you own a non-custom paid (NCP) or smuggled vehicle, then here is some good news; government has announced a amnesty scheme to get your illegal vehicle, legalized by 31st of March 2013 after paying nominal duty and taxes.

Although it has been commented that the scheme is to benefit mostly the influential people in whose occupation remain more then 100,000 NCP vehicles, however customs intelligence say that there are atleast 2.3 million NCP vehicles but they are short-staffed to launch crackdown against smuggled vehicles. So they have instead launched the amnesty scheme which will at least yield additional revenue (around 8-10 billion rupees initially forecasted) for the exchequer. Because otherwise owners of such cars neither pay excise duty nor duty and taxes at the import stage.

For cars more then five years old, 60-70 per cent depreciation in value of used cars for assessment of duty will be done and for older then five years, five per cent real depreciation in value per year for assessment of duty will be allowed. More than 14-year-old cars will be subject to a flat rate of Rs50,000 to Rs100,000 depending on their make-up whereas only one per cent redemption fine will be imposed on used cars.

Though government only allows import of three-years-old cars, but through this amnesty scheme, cars smuggled into Pakistan which are much older then three years can be legalized.

We are working on calculating on what will be the final duty and taxes need to clear the NCP vehicles and if you know, then please contact us through the comments section.

Moreover, the scheme has raised the demand of NCP vehicles tremendously and thousands from Khyber-Pukhtunkhwa and Tribal areas have come forward to register their vehicles while Malakand division has opposed the amnesty scheme although more then 700,000 vehicles are NCP there.

While one official of the district excise office said that the registration of NCP vehicles will generate up to Rs15 billion in government revenue. He further claimed that a 60% reduction in the cost of registration had been offered on vehicles ranging between 800cc and 1,800cc, while a 72% decrease had been provided on those above 1,800cc.


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  1. Inayat Wazeer says

    How I know if I want to pay duty on 2008 v8 how much willpay

  2. Sufwan Usmani says


  3. Saqib Shah says

    How custom duty + all taxes will have to pay for 2005 colorlla 1300 to 1500 cc?

  4. Wasif Altaf says

    Great news so which one you are getting 😉

  5. Zahoor Khan says

    Model 2005, 1300cc it is RS-390349
    Model 2005, 1500cc it is RS-546489

  6. Em Kay says

    Stay Order on it now..

  7. Em Kay says

    The Local companies has put a case on it in the supreme court , now its on stay..

  8. Sky Qeeper says

    update on issue and wht is the procedure.

  9. Muhammad Usman Baig says

    Stay order cancelled

  10. Khizir Farooq says

    I am from quetta and got some details.
    model 2007 for 1000cc car duty = 216280 and 45000 fine + some extra for accessories.

  11. Ahmad Naeem Khetran says


  12. Ahmad Naeem Khetran says

    I want to buy vitz 2003 , 1300cc , how much i have pay duty, tax or fine

  13. Ammar Nasrullah Khan says

    there is no fine just you to pay have duty.

  14. Sohail Khan says

    is this scheme under stay?

  15. Fawad Ali Shah says

    Ahmad Naeem You will have to pay Rs 350,000 for customs. There is no fine.

  16. Pak Gems says

    forcorolla 2003 custom is 597675

  17. Waqas Sardar says

    how much duty and tax I wil have to pay for toyota premio 2003 1800cc.

  18. Waqas Sardar says

    how much duty and tax I hav to pay for toyota premio 2003 model 1800cc.

  19. Farhan Ahmed Mir says

    Any body know duty for Bentley Car 3.8 cc Model 2007.

  20. Engr Umair Jumani says

    toyota passo 2005 1300cc ki kitni duty hogi?

  21. Advocate-Shah Mardan Shah says

    my surf is 1988 model.

  22. Advocate-Shah Mardan Shah says

    and my prado is 2005 model.

  23. Prince Agha says

    I'm From Quetta, My Name is Syed Asghar Shah, Premoi 2004 ki custom duty aur tax ka bata de plz…..urgent please.

  24. Prince Agha says

    I'm Waiting….

  25. Prince Agha says

    Premio Modal 2007 Ka bhi bata de…

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