Announcing the revamped layout of

We are really excited to announce that we have redesigned and tweaked the layout of as a new year’s present for our users. The fresh look of features a cleaner user interface. Our primary goal with this new layout is to build an easy to navigate and user-friendly website where users can find new and used cars, car prices and other related information easily.

Not only that but we have also revamped the Cool Rides Section of our website which now allows the users to maintain their rides’ service history with free reminders about the next service through SMS and E-mail alerts.

We hope that you will love and enjoy the new interface. If you have any suggestions and/or comments about the new layout you can tell us in the comments sections and if you find any bugs or any broken functionality you can report it to

Here are some screenshots of both new and old layouts for you to compare


Home Page (2014 layout on the left and 2015 layout on the right)

PakWheels Home (OLD)  PakWheels Home (NEW)


Rides Section (2014 layout on the left and 2015 layout on the right)

PakWheels Rides (OLD)  PakWheels (NEW)

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Fahad Ullah

I build products and review cars for PakWheels. I am also famous for typing more words than anyone wants to read.

  • Manu Gee

    when every one got used to the existing layout those pakwheel guys change that

  • More simplistic design IMO – will help you get used to it in no time.

  • Usman

    Nice design 🙂