Apple CEO Says More Time Needed To Launch Self Driving “Apple Car”

Apple, the world renowned technology company responsible for bringing us the iPhone, the Macbook, the iPod among other revolutionary technology products, has finally put to rest all the rumors  that have been surrounding the tech giant  for the past few years about building their very own car that was very fittingly code named by the internet as the “Apple Car“.

Current CEO of Apple Tim Cook revealed to Bloomberg Technology that for the foreseeable future, the company does not see themselves entering the automotive market anytime soon. This does come as much of a surprise to the industry as reports quickly spread last year of Apple reportedly approaching engineers from the likes of Ford, General Motors and even Tesla for their Apple car project. He did go on to further state that the development of Autonomous Driving Technology is definitely something that is currently in the works deep within the R&D section of the company. According to Bloomberg, Tim Cook stated that self-driving is “The mother of all AI projects” declaring it is “probably one of the most difficult AI projects to work on”.

This currently puts Apple in direct competition with all the companies currently striving to achieve a usable real-world implementation of self-driving technology including the likes of  Tesla and Intel. Cook also revealed that Apple currently has permission to test three self-driving SUV’s on the road in  California to develop their upcoming driving less software technology. While it seems that there is no possibility of an Apple Car in the near future, Cook did not explicitly state that the idea of Apple developing their own electric autonomous car can be ruled out altogether. He also gave a hint that  if they were to ever enter the automotive sector they would probably team up with a prominent car manufacturer before attempting to go at it on their own.

Source: Bloomberg

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