Approval of three bomb proof Land cruisers cost Rs 124.5 million given by Sindh CM

5 1,212

Once again government of Sindh have decided to give full proof bomb proof protections to high profile officials on the tax payers’ expense. The Sindh government has decided to buy three more bomb proof Toyota Land Cruisers; SW and VX variants.

Chief Minister of Sindh, Syed Qaim Ali Shah has approved the purchase of three bomb proof land cruisers. Sources said that the cost of three Land Cruisers vehicles, which are bomb proof as well, is Rs 124.5 million. These bomb proof land cruisers are bought for the highest ranked officials of the government and for such protocols, that is required to be given as security agencies’ reports show threat to prominent authorities of Sindh.

While, one Land Cruiser will be given to Chief Secretary of Sindh, however; the other two SUVs will be available for higher authorities like: Chief Justice of Pakistan, Senate Chairman, Speaker of National Assembly whenever they visit Sindh, the new bomb proof Land Cruisers will be available for them to serve them.

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  1. Amir Iftikhar Warraich says

    Often called the worlds most dangerous country, Pakistan is more and more becoming Afghanistan with a destroyed industry and only a US funded "war-economy" …

  2. Nasir D Iftikar says

    VIP SUV's are ok, but they are paying 3,5 times the price

  3. Azeem Jamshed says

    I would recommend not to post such articles on PW … we get enough political corruption stories on TV … PW is a hobby forum … I guess

  4. Mo Ish Haider says

    Instead of paying such a high price TAG on tangible asset !!! Why not make the country a safer and better place for all those can not afford such luxury/protection.

  5. Imran Ahmed says

    Mis-use of public funds to promote VIP culture at the cost of the poorest is an art form in Pakistan. Sind, as always is in the vanguard of wadera culture.

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