Here’s why and how you should keep your cool during summers

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Summer here is here and it will not only make your car miserable for you after it has been parked out in the sun for a while but the summer heat will also slowly deteriorate your car’s interior. This will not only make them look worn out and ugly but it can be dangerous too, take seatbelt and car seats for example, most people don’t know this but they have an expiration date of up to 5 to 10 years, depending on your car. When these expire, they can make cars dangerous to drive because plastic and webbing, the material your car seats and seat belts are made of are no longer as strong and as flexible as they once were and this process of degradation of the material due to the extreme temperature cycle is accelerated inside the car when you turn on your air condition to full when the car is extremely hot. So when the plastic materials which hold your seatbelt and seats are deteriorated they can break during a car crash and with these there will be nothing to prevent you from being ejected from the car in a crash and stiff seatbelt can choke you to death or cause severe pain and injury during a crash. So keeping a car cool should be taken seriously. So here are some simple easy ways to keep the car cool.

The most important thing is to prevent sunlight and heat from entering the car. The heat is absorbed by the interior and in turn radiates the heat back, while you can always park the car under a shade but most of the time that’s not possible and it doesn’t prevent the car from heat build up, it just slows it down a little.

Insulated Foil Car Sunshade:
These are by the far the cheapest option and are the best shades for the front and rear of the car as they reflect all light and heat rays preventing heat build up.

Window tinting/curtains:
These are good for the side of the car but since car tints are illegal, curtains are a good choice. Make sure to get the reflective ones since black curtains absorbs heat and will radiate it inside the car, but black curtains are still better than no curtains.

Avoid using leather seats or vinyl:
Its is best to avoid these seat covers since they get extremely hot, even the light colored ones. Go for light colored cloth, sure they look bad but they are really cool (no pun intended).

Solar powered fan:
One of the best ways to keep car cool is using a Solar powered fan. Get two for your car, one for the front left window which sucks fresh cool air and one for the right rear window which exhaust out hot air out of the car. Another cheaper alternative is to keep the windows slightly open but that barely works

Heat insulation:
Heat insulation are little on the expensive side but its one of the most worth it, not only does it keep your car cool but it also reduces road noise and not only that, with good insulation, your air conditioner can operate more efficiently and keep the car cool longer because it doesn’t let hot air enter the car and cold air escape.

Some other tips that could only be considered are when your are buying a new car. First you should always go for lighter colored cars like white, silver etc . Like I said above light color are good at reflecting heat and light so you car doesn’t heat up quickly, the same goes for the interior, always look for light colored dashboard, grey over black, brown over grey . Interior are more important than the exterior because they are not made of metal and take a long time to get rid of the heat they have absorbed.

Have any more tips and advice we didn’t know about? Share them in the comment section and lets us know.

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