Are Pakistani vehicle armoring companies meeting global standards

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In Pakistan demand for armored vehicles increasing now with the same pace as it is for ordinary vehicles in Pakistan. We have noticed a remarkable number of searches on armored vehicles in Pakistan online through Google trends. A very popular site for luxury armored vehicles worldwide N-MAV has also noticed a large number of searches from Pakistan regarding armored vehicles.

People who never even thought for having an armored vehicle for their personal use, are now feeling it not less than a need. In my view they are correct to some extent because of the law and order situation in Pakistan.

Are they buying the right vehicle for armoring? Are they selecting the required level of protection they really need? Are they selecting the right armoring materials for their vehicle? Are these armoring companies doing armoring following the right procedure? Are the vehicles are done with the required modifications needed after the vehicle are armored? Are they equipping the vehicle with right defense systems needed to give you the maximum level of protection? that’s my area of interest here to discuss.

We know that as demand increases for any product the technology used for that specific product also develops. All over the world now different companies spending millions of dollars on R&D for armoring materials used in civilian armored vehicles. Here in Pakistan people are spending millions of rupees for armoring their vehicles without knowing anything about it at all. As in the past this was totally a military subject but with the rising need for civilian armored vehicles now become an area of public interest.

To answer these above asked questions we need to hire an expert. In many parts of the world companies which are manufacturing civilian armored vehicles for decades are now providing these services under one roof. Likewise many of the well reputed car manufacturers have their specialized division working on this area like Mercedes, BMW, Rolls-Royce and Bentley. Around the world the protection level is the measuring tool for gauging the protection needed. In Pakistan most of the companies in this business are generally using certified materials but except some of them there, retrofitted armored vehicles doesn’t have any certification from independent testing agencies after armoring.

Very few people know this fact that in an armored vehicle, the importance of armoring or fitting the materials is important as much as materials used for armoring. If we use the world’s best armoring materials but compromise on the process of armoring or fitting those materials, our security will be compromised. We know MOI(Ministry of Interior) has given NOC’s to companies for retrofitting of ordinary vehicles to armored vehicles. It’s now a booming business in Pakistan having lot of ROI(Return on investment). But there is no law in Pakistan regulating this industry.

I am not of the view that companies doing retrofitting here are not meeting the standards but I am of the opinion that there must be some official body to examine and make regular checks of the armoring processes these companies are using. From an engineering and an armor expert point of view there are many technical aspects in this which need careful examination and analysis.

I would like to divert the attention of the concerned authorities to this matter to review this seriously. As people are spending millions of rupees on there security. If it will not be addressed timely it will have a negative impact on the country standing internationally.

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  1. Khurrum Hamirani says

    Dear Imran,

    i have made over 1000 vehicles and 7 of them come under various attacks. all of our vehicles have prevented the bullets and explosions from any injuries to it occupants.

  2. Custom Wraps | Pakistan says

    I could write an essay on this one..

  3. Ahmad Ali says


  4. Rayyan Durrani says

    Murtaza Khurshid

  5. Murtaza Khurshid says

    i told you so! now is the time. Someone needs to come in with a heavy investment and bring a franchise here. With cheaper skilled labor, we could not only be producing for local consumption but also for export.

    its quite sad to think someone payed for an armored car and got a false sense of security.

  6. Custom Wraps | Pakistan says

    its not about the false sense of security… manufactures are using the correct components, its just how they go about putting em all together & the end result… to make matters worse there's no one to check what they are doing.. i've personally had cars made from a company which claims to have made a 1000 cars… never again..

  7. Khan Muhammad Bilal Ctu says

    Ek dum beqaar useless article, the topic is noticeable but the writer is a complete trash no information on what's happening I read the half article and was than forced to takeoff my eyes as it was a complete waste of time for me, Kia Pakwheels ab kisi ka bhi article relase kardete hain apni website peer @ADMIN, Pakswheels. now all the admin could do is remove my comment or suspend my ID for some days be my guest.

  8. Xhobi Akhunzada says

    Bili bhai (Y)

  9. Pakistan Luxury Community says


  10. Anonymous says

    Well said, I am searching to know about the vehicle dynamics after modification, some vehicles are built in OEM company for only this purposes, but what about rest of vehicle which are modified in work shop , their Power to weight ratio, turning angle , ground clearance etc.

  11. Salman Ali says

    90% topi drama going on in this business. armor panels from cars opened in afghanistan are smuggled into pakistan, and then cut and modified to fit the cars here. this is done both with steel panels and the glass sheets too. What they don't seem to realise is that when you use an oxyacetylene torch to cut a tempered steel plate, the tempering is lost right there and then. I have seen a so-called bullet proof SUV which had been shot up with an AK47, and this vehicle was supposedly bullet proof.

  12. Shumail Ahamed Larik says

    bro wht is the price Range for hilux and landcruiser 200 ????

  13. Basharat Ali Durrani says

    Khurrum Hamirani sb, just wondering do armouring companies in Pakistan carry out a blast test on a vehicle they have built/retrofitted in order to study the integrity of the work they do?

  14. Sonu Monu says

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    Must Visit Peoples.

  15. Czar Fahad says

    yes a Govt body needs to regulate; just like the Govt is regulating the rest of Pakistan. Again the writer is an idiot; if the govt was good at regulating, do you think there would be a need for armor vehicles?

  16. Khurrum Hamirani says

    sorry for the late reply, i just saw your post. Durrani sb, i have tested the vehicle my self but to give a better example, on may 1st 2013, Dr. Ibrahim jatoi was attacked, a suicide bomber with 7 1/2 Kgs of explosive, exploded on the his armored vehicle made by Pak Armoring, and by the grace of Allah all the occupants in the vehicle remained safe and none of them sustain any injuries. i will be able to provide you with data on both, if required.

  17. farhat mahmood says

    its my personal exp k IAG is the best in armoring , inki sub se Bari bat hi k they dont cut steel in diff pieces for diff parts, the entire length of the vehicles is protected with one continuous ballistic steel, warna majority companies her part k liet steel ka aik sepret piece cut krty han.. lol

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