As Eidi, Honda Increased Car Prices!

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A day after Toyota Pakistan increased car prices, Honda Atlas has followed the tradition. The company has announced price hikes for Honda City, Civic and BR-V. According to notification, the new prices are applicable from May 1, 2022.

Honda City Prices

As per the notification, the new prices of Honda City are:

  • The new price of Honda City 1.2L Manual is Rs. 3,264,000 compared to previous Rs. 3,129,000, meaning it takes a jump of Rs. 135,000.
  • And the second variant Honda City 1.2L CVT will now cost Rs. 3,389,000 instead of Rs. 3,249,000 as its price has been increased by Rs. 140,000.
  • The revised price of third variant Honda City 1.5L CVT is Rs. 3,589,000 compared to previous Rs. 3,446,000, meaning it saw an increase of Rs. 1,43,000.
  • Honda City 1.5L Aspire Manual saw an increase of Rs. 150,000 and now it will cost Rs. 3,729,000 against Rs. 3,579,000.
  • Honda City 1.5L Aspire CVT also saw a hike of Rs. 150,000 and its new price is Rs. 3,899,000 compared to old price of Rs. 3,749,000.

Honda Civic Prices

As per the company, here are the prices of Honda Civic.

  • Honda Civic Standard has seen a jump of Rs. 150,000 taking the price to Rs. 5,549,000 against previous rate of Rs. 5,399,000.
  • Honda Civic Oriel will now cost Rs. 5,799,000 compared to old rate of Rs. 5,649,000, meaning its price increased by Rs. 150,000.
  • Honda Civic RS also observed an increase of Rs. 150,000, taking the rate to Rs. 6,649,000 against previous price of Rs. 6,499,000.

Honda BR-V

The revised prices of this car is:

  • Honda BR-V CVT S will now cost Rs. 4,249,000 against last price of Rs. 4,079,000, meaning its price has been increased by Rs. 170,000.

Terms and Conditions

According to the company:

  • The previous price will be applicable on complete back orders as on April 30, 2022.
  • To avail the previous price of Honda City and BR-V, the customers with back orders date April 30, 2022 must deposit complete payment till June 30, 2022.
  • New Prices all exclusive of freight charges
  • Any government tax at the time of delivery will be received by the customer.

What do you think about new Honda car prices? Do you think they are justified? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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  1. Ali Khan says

    With the massive price hikes for both the Corolla and the Civic, the elantra is again looking like a very attractive deal.

    Age-wise it is the middle ground. The Corolla is now almost exactly 10 years old. We have the Elantra facelift here in Pakistan which is only around three years old and the Civic is the latest model.

    Plus even the 1.6 elantra is a a good option to be considered. It is wrongly compared to the Yaris by some. I think it should be correctly compared to the 1.6 corolla special edition, which is more expensive than the Elantra 1.6.

    So, again, the elantra is looking like a very good option.

  2. Captain says

    I can’t say much though want to. It’s ridiculous and there is no sign for price slashing. What’s happening is neither well taken nor agreed to and is strongly condemned. Even one rupee increase becomes price increase but doesn’t decrease with decrease in Dollar. Govt to take action and make policy.

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