Atlas Honda bumps up its bike prices once again

Atlas Honda, the makers of Honda bikes in Pakistan, has once again increased the prices of its locally assembled motorcycles. It is for the 6th time Atlas Honda has increased its bike prices.

Here are the new prices.

Honda CD 70 -> New price is Rs69,500 (Rs2,600 price increase)

Honda CD Dream -> New price is Rs73,500 (Rs2,600 price increase)

Honda Pridor -> New price is Rs95,500 (Rs3,100 price increase)

Honda CG 125 -> New price is Rs114,500 (Rs3,600 price increase)

Honda CB 150F -> New price is Rs187,000 (Rs8,000 price increase)

Honda says the dollar price dictates the prices of products here in Pakistan. But one thing to be noted here is that this price increase covers all the units of bikes that were produced under the previous dollar rate as well as the new stock. So basically Honda is earning extra by selling older batch of bikes that was produced when dollar was at lower level than its current state.

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Notable Replies

  1. Wow, wonderful
    Now this extraordinary pathetic, mean and 3rd class company thinks they can tell us that those paper clips on 2 wheels are made from imported parts, ain't that wonderful??? U buy a brand new bike and start finding a mechanic for frequent trips to the workshop even then we are made to believe that this shit is imported.. long live these people who proudly says "mein te Honda ee le saan"

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