Honda Atlas will plant one tree on each car sold

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Honda Atlas Pakistan launched the 1.5 liter City Aspire recently which has garnered mixed reviews from everyone as there’s not so much difference between the 1.3 liter and 1.5 liter City and the power gain is as well minimal for those looking for a extra bit of kick.

But in this growing age of everything green and friendly to the environment, Honda Atlas has begun a new initiative of ‘you buy a Honda and we plant a tree’.

ImageAlthough the 1.5 liter engine would hardly do any damage to the environment as in the developed world, this is the appropriate displacement of engine the green movements put their support behind.

Nonetheless, it is an initiative which everyone will support wholeheartedly.

Mr. Takeharu Aoki, President and CEO of Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited inaugurated this new drive at the factory premises by planting a tree. This year, Honda will plant a tree on the customer’s behalf for every car that is sold.

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  1. Shahab Nasir says

    22 hp increase from mere 200cc additional power. wat else were ppl expexting. GLi with its heavy body and 1.3l engine is mere 84hp :/ and its indeed a good step taken by honda to plant trees. much appreciate that

  2. Syed Mamoon Rashid says

    technicalities don't impress….go green is not our bogy.

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