Avoiding The Big Bang, Ideas Behind Emergency Braking

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Our traffic whether you talk about any city, the circumstances are usually the same. Bumper to bumper traffic, no respect for the lanes, once we’ve given indicators then changing lane or taking a turn rests upon our decision not the car behind us, every other biker thinks of himself as Valentino Rossi and the pedestrians (road crossers especially) could beat Naseem Hameed with their eyes closed any given day.

With that said, braking under emergency situations should be taught to us before we’re taught how to drive. Because maneuvering and reaction around such situations is very crucial. Sometimes because we panic, we lock our tires up by pressing the brakes hard and since most of the cars on Pakistani roads do not have ABS, our attempt to steer away from the object infront of us is useless and finally bang followed swiftly by a crowd larger then that in Tahrir Square.

So what should one do, Vcheng wrote about mastering the art of driving, you should read that before you go any further on this piece of education. Pakwheels guide to master the art of driving.

Afterwards, the first thing you should practice is how not to panic in such situations, before reading the tips on emergency braking. Because one should understand the situation through a cool thought process. If you panic then you’ll just hit, but you do have a chance of avoiding when you don’t panic.

So keeping a cool head is of the essence – a virtue. Moving on, since most of the cars on the Pakistani roads don’t have ABS so don’t panic and press the brake pedal to the floor, if you do so then you’ll lock, slide (even if you’re steering away) into the object you’re avoiding.

You should press the brakes in a smooth momentum that you feel like you’re the ABS system yourself. You see, the acronym ABS stand for Anti-lock braking system. If you can understand English then you easily understand the use of the system, the system is designed for the folks who panic and put the brake pedal to the metal resulting in lock tires which makes your car look like its on an icy lake. So, be a good driver and don’t worry about not having a ABS, just understand what the computer does and do it better.

Hand-braking, its quite handy if your brakes fail otherwise we’re no Hachiroku, the drifting king, so knowing how to handle a car while hand-braking is out of question.

Use Vcheng’s guide about keeping your braking system new by constantly keeping an eye on the fluid etc, which most of us don’t even give a thought too. It can save your life, trust me. The most important fluid in your car.

No one in our traffic system obeys the speed limits, so everyone is driving on the speeds they wish to drive on as you have observed by now as well. They honk on your behind like crazy to ask for space to overtake when they should wait after they’ve given you a dipper. You may take time for a safe lane change and offer them the place. Anyways, alot of times people charge in on insane speeds from you behind and have to brake very hard to avoid contact, you being in the car infront should change a lane if you see a maniac approaching behind you.

Always brake in accordance to the car ahead of the car infront of you and keep a distance of atleast one or two cars so you have enough time to brake or slow down without panicking.

Also, on cuts and signals, on observing that the green light is about to go off or the traffic is going to squeeze and bring you to a halt, instead of slowing down we usually speed up to just make a pass to avoid sitting ducks. I advise that you shouldn’t gamble with your life and think of your family that awaits your return and be cautious, calm and have patience.

But if a fool comes out suddenly from an other signal which at that moment of your pass was red and yours was green, don’t panic first of all, he is going to be in a lot of speed so you should slow down and pass from the behind of his car, never pass infront of it and you’ll be fine then.

To sum it all up, to avoid the big bang, our parents, elders and beloved have always told us, prevention is better then the cure so always drive slow and also save fuel in the process as being late is better then being Mr.Late.

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