BAIC Senova X25 spotted in Lahore – Check it out!

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BAIC’s compact crossover SUV Senova X25 is recently spotted in Lahore registered in September 2019 against the company name of Sazgar Engineering Works Limited according to the MTMIS verification.

According to the details, the data from the online vehicle verification reveals that the crossover X25 spotted in Lahore is a 2018 model of the Chinese automaker. BAIC, a Chinese state-owned car manufacturer, collaborated with Sazgar Engineering Works and acquired category A Greenfield status for manufacturing BAIC cars in Pakistan.

The Greenfield status was awarded by the Ministry of Industries and Production under the Auto Development Policy (ADP) 2016-21, which offers tax-based incentives to new players in the auto industry of Pakistan. Sazgar Engineering was previously manufacturing 4-stroke CNG auto-rickshaws in the country. The company was initially reported to be planning to introduce three vehicles in the local sector under the brand name BAIC that includes the following:

  • BAIC BJ40 Plus (off-road vehicle)
  • BAIC Senova X25 (compact crossover)
  • BAIC Senova D20 (5-door hatchback)
BAIC Senova X25

BAIC Senova X25, which is being spotted in Lahore, was first introduced in the auto sector back in 2015. The vehicle comes with both manual and automatic transmission under the 1.5-liter gasoline engine. Since the vehicle is found registered under the company’s name, there is a good chance that the automaker is doing test rounds of the crossover in the country before introducing it in the local market. However, there is still no confirmation regarding when Sazgar Engineering will launch Senova X25 in Pakistan. Perhaps we will have to wait to find out at what price the company introduces it in the auto sector of Pakistan.

Senova D20

Recently, BAIC’s 5-door hatchback Senova D20 was also spotted in Lahore registered in September 2019. It’s powered by a 1.5-liter engine mated to both manual and automatic transmission options. It means that the automaker is testing these vehicles on Pakistani roads before it launches them.

Sazgar Engineering has a production plant located on Raiwind Road spread over an area of 5 acres with an additional 27 acres for manufacturing plant expansion. Nonetheless, the entry of BAIC will strengthen the overall auto sector of Pakistan by enhancing the competition. Let’s see when the company makes an official announcement regarding the introduction of any of these vehicles in the local market. The pricing of these cars will play a vital role in determining their success in the local market.

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  1. AbdulB1 says

    saw this on canal road in july

  2. Waqas says

    I thinks, Pakistan shoud stop importing chinese products, after what they are doing to our uyghur brother and sisters, all pakistani should stop buying chinese products.
    And look at the baic D20, it’s an old mercedes class b, rebadged. Better buy the original mercedes class B.

  3. Asim Zafar says

    And what about boycotting U.S.A products after what they are doing and already did to our Muslim brothers and sisters all over the world?
    Uyghur problem is mostly U.S propaganda.

  4. Muhammad Adil Muhammad Yaseen says

    U r asking for for boycott before their decision of entering the auto market, this is weird as this nation never boycotted japanese mafia who were way ahead in torture than these Chinese guys, i guess u r just doing a useless effort

  5. Waqas says

    The issue here it’s isn’t about USA, but if you want to talk about USA, today did you see Pakistan having any USA car brands ? No
    The last one in Pakistan market was Chevrolet and they gone. And today with Pakistan new government, Pakistan already take a clear stand against USA, now USA gouvernement are changing is view and is relationship with Pakistan, and you missing a big point, that happens a few days ago The Muslim Summit of Kuala Lampur, let’s just say : it’s a big and bold move done by muslim countries.
    And just understand, the problem with USA and the muslim countries is a lot of history.
    And they is another problem, a lot of people calling themselfs muslim, but aren’t praying, didn’t studied they religion, ending in some sect, insult real muslim profesors.
    And generally whatever the religion or the culture a lot of people are blind by money, materials, fame etc..
    To finish the things Uyghur isn’t a propaganda coming by USA, is a real fact. The whole world know what happening there. A lot of countries are quiet because China is the second economic power of the world, so Pakistan must stop feeding them with money. You should learn more about reality, and like our prophet teach us don’t hate anybody, a great lesson because the hate make people blind too.

  6. Waqas says

    Well today Japanese mafia are only in japan like the yakuza, and they are doing nothing wrong against the world outside they country, espacially againts muslim, look about china what they are doing to our brothers and sisters .
    But if you are talking about the Mitsubishi teaching case, this is one about materials thing no humans, they already apologies to the whole market where they are selling they’s products.
    And if you are talking about pakistani local market, what the local japanese sellers are doing, don’t forget most of them are pakistani, and that’s mean they are a lot of pakistani bad people.
    And pakistani sellers are misbehaving.
    But if you want to give your money to a country that’s clearly killing our brothers and sister, with all the evidences, i think there is a big issue within you.

  7. Cyrus Khan says

    Infact BYD F3 is a copy of Ninth Generation Corolla. And Everus S1 is Honda City.

    Geely is a copy of Toyota Logo.

  8. Waqas says

    That’s explain why chinese car brand didn’t make a hit in the european country and north america, but Geely is a promising brand after what they have done with volvo, what they are doing now with Proton car, they even have some sort of partnership with Daimler for electric vehicle.
    But today in Pakistan we don’t have any decent chinese car brand, only low-cost brand, with no history about reliability, at least with Geely or even Byd we have some history to be based on. But they aren’t in Pakistan, soon in Pakistan by Proton car, with the half of the brand in the property of Malaysia.
    In didn’t worth to buy chinese brand for the moment in Pakistan.

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