KIA Grand Carnival EX 2019 Owner’s Review: Price, Specs & Features

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The vehicle under review is the 2019 Kia Grand Carnival EX variant. The Grand Carnival was launched in two variants: EX and LX. The owner purchased this Grand Carnival at PKR 6,335,000 two months ago. It cost the owner PKR 280,000 to get this vehicle registered. The owner wanted to buy a vehicle with a large seating capacity while he was considering the Grand Carnival. He was also considering a used Toyota Prado or a new Toyota Fortuner as he was looking for a 7-seater vehicle. The Grand Carnival is an 11-seater MPV with a front-wheel-drive system. Kia also sells this vehicle under Sedona in some regions of the world. This is Grand Carnival’s third generation which is currently available in Pakistan. 


The exterior design is sleek, elegant and aerodynamic. The aerodynamic design is pronounced by the design of front bumper lip and under-coverings. The headlights have positioning (projector) lamps in them and fog lights are integrated into the front bumper. The headlights have Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) integrated into them. The headlights are not LED though. The side mirrors are heated, automatically retractable and have LED turn signals integrated into them. The door handles and side mirrors are body-colored. There is a rear spoiler with an integrated high-mounted brake lamp. Shark-fin antenna is also included in the vehicle. The power-sliding door makes it quick and convenient in and out of the Grand Carnival. There is also a skid plate attached to the rear bumper. The vehicle also has a smart key remote with lock, unlock, power sliding door and power tailgate control buttons.


The interior of the Grand Carnival is spacious and comfortable to ride in. It comes with a 7-inch infotainment system that has both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivities. There is a 3.5-inch Mono TFT information cluster for the driver that shows information regarding fuel consumption and outside temperature. The tilt and telescopic steering wheel come with audio, media, auto cruise, and Bluetooth controls to minimize distraction during driving. Push Button start feature is also given in the Grand Carnival which makes starting the vehicle convenient. There are two sunroofs in the vehicle that makes it seem more spacious from the inside. Both sunroofs can be opened. There are a large center console box and spacious door pockets. 

Power outlets, both USB and 12V sockets, are provided in the front and the rear to charge up your electronic devices. The driver seat is 12-way power-adjustable to ensure an optimal driving position for every driver. The Grand Carnival also has full auto air conditioning with independent 3-zone control. The rear seats are foldable to provide extra space for your luggage. Manual sunshade blinds are also provided for the second and third-row passengers to ensure you get privacy and protection from sunlight. The Grand Carnival also comes with an 8-speaker Infinity premium sound system. This sound system has an external amplifier for concert-hall-like audio. 


The Grand Carnival comes fitted with a Lambda II 3.3L MPI V6 engine. This engine is capable of producing up to 270bhp at 6400rpm. The engine also has a three-stage variable intake system which reduces the fuel consumption while allowing the vehicle to accelerate faster. The Grand Carnival also comes with a 6-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission. This vehicle gives 6 km/l in the city and 10km/l on the highway. This vehicle does 0 to 100 km/h in 8.6 seconds. The Active Eco System helps to improve the fuel economy by automatically adjusting the performance of the transmission, engine and air conditioning. A single oil, oil filter and air filter change can cost the owner around PKR 15000. 

Comfort and Handling: 

The Gand Carnival has High-Performance Damper (HPD) that helps in providing a smoother ride, enhanced comfortability, stable handling, and responsive steering. Mounted in the overhead console is a conversation mirror so that you can talk to the rear passengers without having to look over the shoulder while driving.  The auto defogging system automatically removes any fog or moisture on the windscreen of the vehicle. The Hill-start assist control (HAC) helps in smoothly starting your car from a standstill if it is parked on an inclined surface. The suspension of the Grand Carnival is also smooth over bumps and uneven surfaces. This adds to the comfort of the vehicle. The leather seats are comfortable and have lumbar support. 

See the video review below:


This vehicle comes with Electronic Stability Control (ESC) which controls brake pressure automatically. This is very helpful in difficult driving conditions like sudden turns, braking, and sudden acceleration. The first and second rows have safety power windows in the Grand Carnival. These safety power windows help when you are traveling with children. It also has a high-strength chassis to ensure the safety of the passengers. There are ultrasonic front and rear parking sensors that alert the driver about obstacles in the path of the vehicle. These parking sensors together with a rear-view camera ensure you safely park your Grand Carnival. Airbags are also included for added safety. You can get a safety package that includes more airbags and heated seats. The ECM rearview mirror automatically dims responding to headlights for safe driving at night. The cooling glove box is also included in the vehicle which is an amazing feature for summers. The vehicle also has an Anti-lock Braking System to make braking more effective. 


With its spacious interior and optimal performance from a V6 engine, the Grand Carnival is a smart buy and provides plenty of utility. It also comes with 4 years or 100,000 km warranty which gives peace of mind to the owner. The owner is also satisfied with his purchase and also considers its performance and spacious interior packed with features to be the deciding factor of his purchase decision. The air conditioning unit has optimal performance considering the harsh summers of Pakistan. However, the spare parts are not readily available for now as the dealership network is still expanding in Pakistan. Also, locally the spare parts are not readily available as the Grand Carnival is a relatively new vehicle in Pakistan. The resale is also a bit difficult currently compared to vehicles of other brands in Pakistan. However, the Grand Carnival is gaining acceptability very fast in the market.

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