Best Driver-Focused Super Cars Of All Time.

Cars have come a long way and with even the cheapest cars now coming with a handful of technology feature preloaded. You really need to take a look back to understand how far we have come. While as technology progresses towards full autonomous cars let’s have a look back in the past on the Supercars which required driver attention the way a baby needs its mother.

Ferrari F40

Ferrari F40 is often regarded as the best truly analog Ferrari ever made. Because every Ferrari made afterward had a tricky electronic doing some important stuff under the hood. Not only it featured a manual gearbox, a rear wheel drive and a 2.9L engine which could help the car reach 200MPH if you had the guts to.


Ferrari 288 GTO

Although 288 GTO is not the most iconic Ferrari ever made but it’s defiantly an important one. Without this car, the F40 wouldn’t have been possible. 288 GTO has the same 2.9L V8 which was used in F40, and the car featured a mid-engine configuration. And being the predecessor of the F40, it required a lot of driver attention to unlock its true potential.


Lamborghini Countach

Countach has been the dream car for a number of generations. The exterior of the car is more than 40 years old, and it still looks amazing even today thanks to its timeless design. This car featured the legendary scissor door which car enthusiasts love so much. Despite all this Countach wasn’t a great thing to drive if you remove the privilege of “sitting in one”. It was not only driver-focused but a hard machine to drive thanks to its very heavy steering wheel and rock hard clutch system.


Porsche 911 Turbo (930 Series)

They say 911 turbo is probably the worst car on 4-wheels which can multiply the amount of oversteer. Many examples of this car ended up crashing because you need to be a very good driver in order to steer this car properly. With the right amount of patience, you can master this car or end up dying.


McLaren F1

If there were a trophy for a car being extremely analog and driver-focused, then the McLaren would have won. At the time when most manufacturers around the world were working on clever technologies such as vectored all-wheel-drive systems and computerized turbocharged system. McLaren made a true analogue car which has no brake assist, abs, power steering or anything thing else you can think of. Still with all this F1 could reach a top speed of 240MPH which was absolutely bonkers at the time.


Can you think of any other supercar which deserves to be on this list? Do let us know!


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