Best Engines From Around The World!

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One of the major components of a car is its engine and every car has an engine, unless you own an all-electric car like Tesla. Engines comes in many sizes and power outputs. Some are Turbo-Charged, Super-Charged, Hybrid, while others are naturally aspirated. In this article I will talk about one of the 5 best non-high performance engines you can get all around the world.

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1. BMW 1.5L Turbo Petrol
This is the same engine used in the BMW i8, Mini Cooper and the BMW 3 series. Despite being a 3-cylinder, it has a power output of 136PS and it is a very economical engine, which provides smooth and noiseless driving experience.


2. Volvo’s 2.0L D5 Power Pulse
This is a diesel engine used in Volvo cars such as XC90 & S90. Although it’s a diesel engine yet it has an output of 230PS, which is a very impressive number from a diesel engine. It’s a refined engine with a clever system, which is always spooling the turbo so that you experience very little turbo lag when you put the foot down.


3. Vauxhall 1.0L Turbo Petrol

Used in cars such as Adam and Astra, this punchy little engine is one of the very few engines that actually reach companies claimed mpg figures. In case you are wondering, this engine can give up to 70MPG (28KM/L).


4.  Mercedes 2.0L Diesel Engine
Currently only available in the latest Mercedes E-Class vehicles, this engine outputs 240PS and is one of the smoothest engines of its kind, providing a very quiet and comfortable ride on the new E-Class, unlike the old engine, which was a bit rattly at times.


5. Volkswagon 1.4L TSI

This is a really good little turbo-charged engine used in cars such as VW Golf, VW Scirocco and even the Audi A3. This engine is the best in business, very refined, free revving and sounds good too. Not only this, it also has a clever cylinder deactivation system, which shutdowns 2 of its cylinders to save fuel. Which can provide up to 70MPG.


So there you have it folks. These were the 5 best non-high performance engines in the world according to me. Do you know another great one that I missed? Please let me know in the comments section.

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  1. Guest says

    You prefer turbos.

    N/A have longevity.

    An engine is good if it runs smoothly on all kinds of fuel without asking for much maintenance.

  2. Awais Yousaf says

    Engines are something to take care of. Only run an engine on bad fuel if you have no other option.
    Yes, I prefer turbo engines over any other kind of engines.

  3. Sarosh says

    Lol these are not the best engines. What about the Toyota and lexus engine the 5.7 v8 which runs forever. Lexus has the most reliable rating in the US. The hilux 2.8 gd diesel engine it is understressed and made to run forever.

    You should change the name of the article to my top 5 engines of the world. This wasn’t a neutral opinion. Ohh yes if you talk about engines how can you forget lexus lfa it has a v10 which weighs less then a v6 and revs like a video game race car. Please post articles on your Facebook not here.

  4. Awais Yousaf says

    The article states that these are the”non-high performance engines” whereas 5.7L V8 of Lexus/Cruiser and the V10 of the LFA is a high perfromance engine.

  5. Usman says

    Sarosh i think you havn`t read the article properly. He only mentioned small displacement engines here. Pay more attention to what the writer is trying to tell rather than critising them.

  6. Guest again says

    Unfortunately, “bad fuel” is a common occurrence. Sometimes you get Irani diesel, sometimes there is water in the petrol pump’s storage tanks after the rain, sometimes dust is mixed with, we are lucky that govt has made kerosene more expensive, otherwise, kerosene-adulterated petrol was all too common.

    Machines were made to serve man. If a machine (or even a person) is too high maintenance, maybe only their mom loves them.

  7. Awais Yousaf says

    Yeah you are right but its only few countries like Pakistan where this happens so rest of the world is in a better position. But don’t you think if turbo engines make it to Pakistan then there will be less cases of bad fuel and water mixed in fuels as most cars wont run and automatically forcing the companies to improve oil.

  8. Guest says

    I love your optimism, maybe because you are so young. You are so full of energy.

    But . . . . . . fuel quality is only good around Gulf countries or Europe. That’s the reason why Africa, Asia, and Americas (even the diesel in USA, their petrol is good) people love some foolproof kind of engines.

  9. Hassan Rao says

    Clear you thoughts turbos engines are as reliable as n/a while slightly more fuel efficient.Turbo’s don’t make a engine fuel guzzler we do.

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