Pak Suzuki Announces Replacing Mehran with Alto

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Pak Suzuki has announced that it will start the local production of Suzuki Alto 660cc by 2018. The Suzuki Alto will be a replacement to the iconic Suzuki Mehran 800cc.

This information was shared with the Senate Standing Committee on Industries and Production last Thursday, while they were visiting Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited (PSMCL). The Senate committee urged Pak Suzuki to introduce global standards and safety featured in their new model cars.

Sources also said that the company has started localization of spare parts for the new Alto 660cc with the local vendors.

Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited (PSMCL) also unveiled its plans to introduce the Celerio 1000cc by March 2017. The Celerio will be a replacement to Suzuki Cultus.

The car assembler also unveiled its plans on importing Suzuki Grand Vitara SUV and Suzuki Ciaz 1300cc in 2017. The company would consider assembling these cars in Pakistan, based on the feedback it receives.

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  1. Kashif Akbar says

    Suzuki ko hosh aa gaya hai !!! :):)

  2. KaKa says

    Kashmir ki azaadi se pehlay he Mehran bnd? :O

  3. Pappu says

    Feed back on Grand Vitara and Ciaz directly related to the pricing. You price it like the Toyota revo or Fortuner and you will have another Kizashi…you price it smart (lower than Vezel) and you could have a winner….it’s all upto your pricing people…..

  4. Heartyboy says

    Vitarra brezza introduced in india is gonna be a instant hit.killer looks!

  5. Guest says


    But 660cc? Too small! It would be disposable!

    Hope they offer an 800 or 1000!

  6. Aqib says

    Koi btae ga yar ye new alto ki price kya hai?? Jo mehran se replace horai hai..

  7. DR. ALE AHMED says

    PS has not announced it.. all they said is, they plan to do it and that too subject to goverment’s approval of their proposal that itself is contradictory to new auto policy… till the time we all don’t stop buying extremely overpriced mehran n cultus, nothing gonna change…

  8. Ahsan Khan says

    The article is correct genius… it mentions that this model will start production in 2018 which is 2 years from now.

  9. ciyber says

    That’s the most dumbest of comments in the sad old history of dumb comments.

    660cc is the smallest and most fuel efficient petrol engine offered by the Japanese. A car being manufactured locally with a 660cc as a base engine would sell in bucket loads in Pakistan.

    Localisation of 660cc cars and its components mean horizontal and vertical industries tied to auto sector of Pakistan will benefit. The fact that it would be the cheapest new localised car made in Pakistan means a win win situation for Pakistan economy. Fuel efficient, low maintenance and resale value.

    Ordinary Pakistani’s want a small fuel efficient to take them and their families from point A to B. Boy racers like you can buy from plethora of other imported options on the market.

  10. Imran Baloch says

    wasnt expecting such comments from you.
    who else uses ur id?

  11. Pappu says

    Dou Hazaaar Athaaraaaaaaaa ……2000 EIGHTEEEEEEEENnnnnnn…….long term planning I see. I bet thats when Japan will have its next two new models of the ALTO and will give their outdated moulds to Paksuzuki ….. 😀

  12. Bẳd Bøy says

    We have neither given a launch date nor have any plan for our vendors to localise parts for models,” a Pak-Suzuki spokesperson told The Express Tribune.

  13. Bẳd Bøy says

    Pak Suzuki says no launch of new model for 2 years

    By Farhan ZaheerPublished: October 23, 2016 The Express Tribune

  14. Bẳd Bøy says

    na g na sochya v na !! yai to kashmir azaad honey k baad pak suzuki kasmir me b mehran launch karey gi…. LOL

  15. Guest again says

    660 is small, but isn’t fuel efficient at all. Plus it is disposable since it is a high RPM design.

    Your second paragraph is irrelevant because the same would happen to an 800 cc car, as it happened when Coure was introduced, and to date the spare parts of Coure are being manufactured despite it being discontinued many years ago.

    660cc and 800cc use the same gearing, 800 is far easier to drive, and the engine has more longevity. 1000 and 1300 have same gearing, as witnessed in Cultus, Khyber and so many others. 1000 does not have enough power to sustain the speed in 5th gear.

    660cc gearing is a nightmare to drive. 660cc is difficult to maintain owing to high RPM. You will know if you try to keep the car for 10 years instead of selling it ‘choona’ to an unsuspecting buyer as soon as it gives trouble.

  16. Umair says

    election year beta samjha karo

  17. owais says

    Give me the suggestion plz. I booked new mehran 2016 and I subbmited the papers in meezan bank now what I do?

  18. Hassan Mansoor says

    Don’t worry bro buy your mehran and enjoy it! These are long drawn plans hard to realize. While the Pakistanis eagerly await the closure of Assembly line of Mehran Countries like Norway, Holland and even India plan to go all Electric in less then 10 years. PS may still be churning out Mehrans even in 2025 in Pakistan kiyon ke market tu hai and who cares about quality in this poor country… because it all sells.
    By the way i had a mehran as my first car and there is no shame in keeping one.

  19. Ehs says

    Correct, these reports have been denied by Paksuzuki

  20. Khurram ShahzAd says

    Most people use mehran as first car in this country as you said, true for me too.

  21. Khurram ShahzAd says

    guest is general id, which anyone who do not have a discuss account can use. Its just text, not even an id 😀

  22. omer khan says

    I will never suggest you that you go for mehran …….leasing from bank you will be paying 2-3 lacs in interest on a car that is getting discontinued soon PAK SUZUKI stop the production resale value will drop like hell..and you will be stuck till the end of your lease term .its like buying ticket for a sinking ship your bank and try to negotiate terms with them as soon as possible

  23. Guest yet again says

    Yes, the idea comes from “I’d rather post as a guest” tick box.

  24. Dr A.L says

    Mehran is DON ….. it is a worth car…. having reliability on its peak……cheaper maintaenance , fuel 21 km/liter maximum possible , bumper costs rs 800, why to say good bye to most comfortable and most reliable hatch back on earth?? I personally donot like mehran just because of its price wrt features, It must be not more than 4 lacs as a new one… let’s see What ZOYTE AUTOMOBILE CHINA introduces in Pakistan??

  25. Arif Ali says

    buy a bicycle its cheaper on parts and fuel efficient mehran is not a car its a dabba

  26. Muhammad Mansoor says

    LOL iconic.

  27. NOMI ABASSI says

    but i will buy FAW CAR ….. because Suzuki Cultus for an example has must less features as compared to faw v2 1300cc car available in market , Cultus has old but faw has changed shape , faw v2 has air bags , power steer, power windows , abs+ebd, sensors computer , imoblizer , srs air bags m eps , what does cultus has?? and price of cultus is 11.50, even wagonr vxl is expensive than faw , FAW is offering great , suzuki if will introduce this 660 cc stuf , it will be priced around 9 lacs , PAK SUZUKI will always LOOT US

  28. mack says

    FAW has

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