Govt. Needs to Give Incentives or People Should Stop Dreaming About New Cars: Pak-Suzuki

Pakistan’s biggest auto-manufacturer, Pak-Suzuki has denied any future plans to introduce new (model) cars in Pakistan. The company’s stance is pro-active in receiving the same incentives, as new auto-manufacturers in the new five-year Auto-Policy 2016-21.

Speaking to the Express Tribune, a spokesperson of the company has denied company’s announcement on local production or introduction of any new car. He also elaborated that introduction (launch) of Suzuki Celerio might not be possible till March, 2017. He further added that, the company is adamant for amendments in new auto policy and in this situation, the company has sent some of its recommendations to Government. However, the Government has not replied back on these recommendations so far.

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It should be noted that the members of Senate Standing Committee on Industries and Production visited the Pak-Suzuki’ manufacturing plant and had meetings with higher-ups of the company. And in this meeting, the company officials expressed their plans to replace Suzuki Cultus with Suzuki Celerio in 2017 and Suzuki Mehran with Suzuki Alto 660cc in 2018. Furthermore, plans to introduce the imported 1300cc SUV Suzuki Vitara in near future, were also expressed.

More importantly, to encourage new auto-manufacturers in Pakistan, the Government has added incentives in new auto-policy for 2016-2021. And due to these incentives, local auto manufacturers like Pak-Suzuki, Toyota Indus and Honda Atlas have expressed their concerns at various occasions on this development. However, in this whole situation, Pak-Suzuki manages to take the lead. The company has also tried to threaten the Government by moving its assets off-shores on quite a few occasions.

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  • Awais Yousaf

    I certainly don’t get one thing. Suzuki has strong sales but why are they so concerned about the auto policy? Honda and Toyota still introduce new models so why can’t Suzuki do the same and replace the decades old and obsolete Mehran and Cultus? I am quite sure if they take the step their sales figures will definitely improve.

  • عبد الرفع چاچڑ

    inhon ne abhi tak policy ki jan nahin chori….

  • Osmaan

    Go to hell pak suzuki..
    U r monting money and looting people from years. Now wat kind of incentive u need frm govt???

  • Adnan

    As Long as they are getting good profit on their decades old models which are still being sold on “Premium”,
    Are they stupid to invest more on new models and extra features.

    Its good that people have option of buying slightly used JDM vehicles from market or import from japan.

  • abdullah

    to hell with u Pak Suzuki and your stupid trash mehran and bolan……their should be fined for selling obsolete models without safety in Pakistan…..

  • Momin Fakhar

    Get lost and take your assets with you, we don’t want your retarded assets. Please leave this country you monopolistic thugs!

  • Momin Fakhar

    cuz monopoly.

  • Awais Yousaf

    Well in this case i wish these idiots leave the country soon and their business monopoly fails.

  • Chacha Ramzan

    Go Pak Suzuki Go
    Go Pak Suzuki Go
    I Pray Tum Sub Pe Itna Bura Waqt Aay Ke Tum Log Bhookay Maroo.
    Saray Ka Sara Top Amla Pak Suzuki Ka, Allah karay Tum Logon Ka Pass Second Hand Mehran Khreedney Ka Passay Be Na Ho.
    Bhookay Maroo.

  • Aqeel Zia Nayyer

    lagta hy chacha ji ny galti sy nai mehran ly li. :p :p :p

  • Sporty man

    Hum bewafa hargiz na the par hum wafa kar na sake. (Pak suzuki says)

  • Guest

    “The company has also tried to threaten the Government by moving its assets off-shores”

    Uff the English!

    Correction: The company has also threatened to move its assets off-shores. That’s enough.

  • KaKa

    If any Suzuki employee is reading this blog please convey our sincere shame to your top management. We hate you from the core of our heart. Please get lost from here 🙂 Glad to switch to imported vehicle from the bloody crap produced by you. Again SHAME ON YOU Pak Suzuki Top Management…!

  • suzuki

    govt should throw away these junkies out of the country. I request people to stop buying their craps. Their cars are worst than local reris. Suzuki walon phly apni okat dekho aur apni gartian then bakwas karo

  • Sardar Zangi Khan

    We pakistani having the worst of cars ever made in the world still spend ,500% more on imported vichles…and locally we have new honda at invoice 34 lake and ever green mehran 7.25….imagine history worst financial brutality with poor people of pakistan…and look at politicians and other privileged and elite class…they r enjoying world best car but NCP….this is our beloved pakistan…

  • Omer

    Usually i dont reply to a blog . But this time i cant resist.

    To whom it may concern
    Get the h*** out of here suzuki. We can live with out you happily. Who told you that pakistanis will fall for your few million dollar investment. Pakistan has a very bright future linked with CPEC. Its suzuki’s short sightness that its unable to see the horizon. Look at chinese they are investing in almost every sector in pakistan . Yesterday’s news is that china is investing in railway infrastructure upgradation. Chinese are pure businessmen not fool.
    So please please dont take much time . Just go away

  • Waleed Ahmed

    Totally With you Bro!!! (y)

  • Shitzuki

    They are trying to stave off competition. The less the competition, the less effort they have to make to sale their 1980’s junk still passing through their assembly lines., Lack of competition enhances their monopoly.

  • Ehs

    Extremely poor response by Paksuzuki which is anti-consumer and anti-competition in nature.

    Paksuzuki themselves have availed incentives from government for decades. In the form of CKD & even CBU concessions initially and numerous huge government contract for taxi and commercial schemes handed out to Paksuzuki without considering competition.

    Now when finally for a change new assemblers are being given incentives Paksuzuki is acting an a anti-competitive manner.

    All this is being done by Paksuzuki to block entry of potential new assemblers like Nissan/Datsun, Renault, Volkswagen and General Motor.

    Stop selling 1980s era obsolete unsafe junk like Mehran, Bolan, Ravi, Cultus to us. Even their Swift is obsolete world ever.

    Paksuzuki is acting against consumer interests.

  • Ehs

    If incentives for new entrants are given to Paksuzuki it will essentially block off entry of new assemblers. Their monopoly will be further strengthened and Pakistan will continue to be sold obdolete decades old cars with no safety features.

  • Salman Ahmed

    Jdm vehicles directly japan se arahi ho bandae laina .woh bhi to local log beach rahae ha meter main tabdeeli kar detae ha aur dent chuoa detae ha .to kis ka dimagh kharab ha ke malfunction gari lain?

  • Soccer Guy

    LOL whocares Suzuki when we will have other investors. and we know u wont take away ur investment u can only threaten. Who r u to decide that Pakistani nation won’t be getting new economical vehicles? If only our previous governments and bureaucrats would havenot taken bags of money from u and were honest to Pakistan u could have not gone so far. Kutte ko patta daalna parhta warna wo logon ko kaat leta hai! This is to all local manufacturers