Beware: 4 Scamming Tricks by Petrol Pump Attendants in Pakistan

The issue of people getting scammed at different petrol pumps across Pakistan is nothing new. But in recent years, more and more cases are surfacing on internet, which raises the question of check & balance on this sort of situation and the awareness of consumer law in the country. If one were to sit down and research on these fraudulent incidences, then eventually they will just come across the PakWheels forums, where many people have shared their stories of getting scammed at different petrol pumps across the country.

So, the question still remains “What are the most obvious methods of scams at petrol Stations?”

As it turns out, I have shortlisted a few of the most commonly occurring scenarios (Personal Experiences), surfing through PakWheels forums and a chat with a petrol pump attendant.

1: The tango trick (Manual Turnover)

So, what is this tango trick (manual turnover)? The answer to this question is pretty simple.

This is how the scam happens:

You go to a petrol station and ask the attendant to fill in the petrol against ‘X’ rupees. The attendant then sets the meter and asks you to check the ‘Zero’ (The key word here is ‘Legitimacy’). The attendant then starts filling up and your eyes are glued to the meter. And suddenly you find a voice “SAAR! Vaper Laga Dun” and that’s goodbyes to your concentration level. Your shocked self takes a panicked look at this voice and manages to stammer out a reply in ‘hain… Han Han laga do’ (Or something along these lines). By now, the meter has completed its run and the magic has happened.

The point of concern is the meter’s normal pace while you are looking at it and when your attention is diverted, the meter goes super-sonic (speed) and completes its run.

2: The ‘No Click’ Trick

The times of manual nozzles have gone (When you had to keep pressing the trigger to allow the fuel flow). Now, majority of the fuel pumps are equipped with automated nozzles. During this compilation of petrol pump tricks, my knight in shining armour appeared in the form of a petrol Pump attendant, who was kind enough to point a few of their tricks. So, coming back to this trick, the auto nozzles have a trigger lock, which when triggered, stays on till there is flow of fuel in the pipe and automatically pops off when the fuel flow stops. On paper, everything seems fine and fault proof. But there is a little technical issue, which my Petrol attendant (friend) pointed out to me.

Here is how this trick works:

You ask the attendant to fill petrol against ‘X’ rupees in your vehicle and the attendant asks you to check the ‘zero’ on the meter. He inserts the nozzle in the petrol tank and sets the trigger on. You are watching the meter and no-one steps in to distract you. Eventually, the meter stops running and the fuel attendant takes out the nozzle carefully. You are happy because nobody interrupted you and saw the meter complete its run. But the magic has already happened.

Well, the bottom line is that the fuel attendant is supposed to take off his hands after setting the auto-lock on the nozzle and only touch it again once there is an audible ‘click’, which indicates the pumping process has stopped. There is a time-lag of 3-4 seconds between the click and meter stoppage. The pump keeps sending the fuel in these few seconds because it has to empty all the fuel in the (nozzle to pump) connecting tube and the meter has already billed you for it. But, since many of us don’t know about it, we never take the hands of the attendant in to account and keep watching the meter. And as soon as the meter stops, the attendant manually overrides the auto-trigger and switches the nozzle off (While some of the fuel is still in the fuel tube). He calmly and carefully places the nozzle back in its holder. This maneuvering is to make sure that all the trapped fuel is sent back to the tanker.

More importantly, a fuel attendant can siphon off 50-100 ml fuel per filling.

3: Old is gold

If there was ever a book published on petrol pump trickery, then this trick will be featured in the all-time-best because of its occurrence. Okay, so this technique is basically the continuation of the meter run, without resetting it for a new filling.

Here is how this trick works:

You go to a filling station and ask the fuel attendant to fill the petrol against ‘X’ price. And they will try to engage you in a conversation or distract you from looking at the meter. And in just a few seconds (While you are distracted), when you turn your attention back to the meter, magic has already happened and you will be none the wiser of any mishap.

4: Deviation

This trick is also fairly simple and common these days.

Here is how this trick works:

You go to a petrol station and ask them to fill up the petrol against (let’s say) 1000 rupees. And the fuel attendant starts filling up and stops at 200. When you ask, them you asked for fuel fill up of 1000 rupees, they will reply back with an excuse of not hearing you (or something along these lines). They will try to divert your attention or try to block your vision of the meter. Once your attention is successfully diverted the fuel attendant will start the meter without resetting it and will probably stop at 800 rupees. Once you point out the figure, they will reply back “Sir, I set the meter at zero for after the first time fueling of 200 rupees and so this time I added 800 rupees only”.


I am sure that there will be tons of other scenarios, unique tricks or derivation of these techniques, which have been employed by petrol pump attendants to scam the consumers. But (I believe) here are some of the fundamental ways in which you can avoid these sorts of tricks.

  1. Always check ‘zero’ on the meter, even if the petrol pump is overcrowded
  2. Ask the petrol attendant to step aside from the meter (for the increased visibility)
  3. (Preferably) Step outside of your car and stand near the fuel attendant
  4. Ignore any disturbances of other fuel attendants (etc), who try to talk to you at petrol pumps. (Just have an eye on the meter)
  5. Just because you are in a hurry, do not hand off the money while the meter is still running
  6. Even if the petrol attendant asks you to check the ‘zero’ on the meter (And you check it). Make sure it remains ‘zero’ until the nozzle is inserted and the auto-nozzle has been switched on
  7. If you are with your family or prefer to sit in the car, keep a lookout at the meter during fueling and a pay close attention to the hands of fuel attendant while refueling
  8. Whenever the meter is stopped pre-maturely while fueling. Pay close attention to the meter and do not loose contact. As the fuel attendants, will try to divert your attention
  9. Try to get your refill in liters (Not in Rupees)

As I mentioned before, there might be a lot of circumstances which might have been left out during the compilation of these tricks. So, I would really appreciate if someone can share their experiences. Because by bringing forward these experiences, we can spread this knowledge.

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Abdul Hanan

Hanan is an avid auto enthusiast with a flair for writing and playing games. He loves traveling, deciphering political maneuvering and exploring the realms of coding & graphic designing.

  • Guest

    There are lists of “ایماندار petrol pumps” vs “چور petrol pumps” in the PW forums. Can consult them.

    The article talks about how to identify the dishonesty, and how to protect yourself from it.
    Now another article is due in which the reasons behind small stealing, whether the stealing is by the attendants or the pump owner, and what options are available for someone falling victim to the dishonesty.
    And yet another article to discuss how we can get rid of this national curse altogether.

  • Guest is back

    next in line:
    5 Things You Can Do to Avoid Cheating Petrol Pumps
    4 Things About Cheating Pumps
    3 Things About Non Cheating Pumps
    Pakwheels Infographics: Cheating Pumps vs Non Cheating Pumps

  • Irfan

    In sometime, I think we all be filling our own cars by ourselves which is the best method

  • Zulfiqar Ali

    9. Try to get your refill in liters (Not in Rupees)

    What’s the logic behind it?

  • Ghufran

    This should be awarded “Blog of the Month”
    The scenarios you have mentioned, have happened to me several times
    and I now always take the precautionary steps that you have mentioned here

  • chay

    bhai ap dhakkan hain bilkul ya ap paid commenter hain

  • Waqas

    4 has happened to me twice I think. Thanks for useful information.

  • Kaddu Sharif

    When they don’t fill in completely and quickly write the amount on the meter manually.
    incase of filling in litres, they will not be able to quicly write the exact amount. and liters will show blank

  • Zulfiqar Ali

    Good… Thanks for the reply

  • Alpha Bravo

    Excellent article. Thanks bro

  • What’s the benefit of petrol attendants in any of these situations? If they save the fuel, the profit (haram kamai) goes to petrol pump owner not them.

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    The quantity against the amount is preset more often than not on chor pumps. For example if you ask for a fill of 1000rs which should get you around 15litres, but you get 13 or 14 litres instead because it was already preset

  • Hassan Dar

    the last one happened to me..!! i asked him to put 500rs worth petrol in my bike.!! he first stopped at 100 and when i pointe that i asked for 500.. he went to 400 and said here you go..the mistake he did was he went to 401rs on the meter and i thought if he really did reset meter how can it go to 401rs instead of 400. I parked the park there and asked for the manager..!! he was like kia howa bhai.!! the manager came and asked the same man how could this be true.!! he was like k sir ghalti say button nahi press howa ho ga and i got the petrol…

  • Qasim

    obviously they get the small cut!

  • Aqeel Zia Nayyer

    there are two meters running in the machine. one is for petrol pump and other is for us.

    the owner note the petrol at the end of a shift and cashier pays according to that meter.

  • Aqeel Zia Nayyer

    you may able to find a manual meter in the machine somewhere near the nozzle.

  • Guest again

    Suppose they put 400 of fuel and take 500 from you, they needn’t declare it to the owner because the machine measured only 400.

    In our culture, we have the general sense that poor man is always good and rich man is always bad. But in reality there are rich criminals, and there are poor criminals. And there are rich honest people, and there are poor honest people too.

  • Aneef Izhar

    I always have my car filled up from Total Pump Lajnah Chowk College Rd, Township Lahore. I step out of my car every time and my car’s tank always gets full in Rs. 2000, give or take Rs. 100. They have 2 pumps, one of whose Automatic stopper doesn’t work (let’s call it pump # 1). They always ask me to go pump # 1. But I always stop my car at pump # 2, whose stopper works. The attendant at pump 1 keeps pushing the levers all the time inside the nozzle and as a result in 2000 rupees you get about 3/4 of the tank filled instead of full.

    At pump 2, I always ask the attendant to put the nozzle in the fuel tank opening, start it and step away from the car. When the automatic stopper stops the fuel, I ask him to remove the nozzle without filling any more fuel. (Suppose the automatic stopper stopped at Rs. 1967.40, I never ask him to fill upto 1970 or 2000. I always pay on my Credit card and the amount 1967.40 gets charged. You don’t have to worry about petty change money, etc).

    Also make sure when you use your Credit Card as a payment method on pumps, never let the credit card get out of your sight. Never let them write down your card expiry date, Name, CVV Security code. Although they are authorized to note down your card number. Always use the facility of having turned on your SMS Alert service on your Credit/Debit Card so that you instantly know of any fraudulent transaction.

  • Kamran Usman

    Very good comment!

  • It can only happen if the cashier is corrupt too.

  • To do what?

  • And the cashier will calculate the difference and take the remaining money in his pocket every cycle? Do you think they are smart enough to do that?

  • ABC

    They are also tempering software of machines as well. I am software engineer and got this type of requirements from people. Quality Control Offers check meters in letters so If you get filled by letters you will get full fuel else less.

  • Aqeel Zia Nayyer

    they dont need to be asked. its a simple multiplication dude and yes they are smart enough to pay that only

  • Aqeel Zia Nayyer

    to verify what am saying 🙂

  • Haseeb Iqbal

    quite a lame article.

  • Fahad

    There is one more trick they are doing specially for bikers. Suppose 1st customer asked for Rs.50 petrol, they will press Rs.100 petrol and try stopping at Rs.50 (you will notice something like Rs.50.xx or 49.xx). then if 2nd customer asked for Rs.100, they dont reset the machine to zero and continue to fill the 2nd customer’s tank. 2nd customer thinks they got Rs.100 petrol.

  • Imran Memon

    very Simple: you can get saved from these scam !!
    whenever you go for fuel station, you must check tank storage fuel meter and note reading before filling fuel,
    and after filling, compare that reading with your front meter,(No body tampered that meters, because owner/ manager of pump, takes reading from that meter

  • Tariq

    Last week i went to PSO Board Office pump and the guy asked me to park my car on motorcycle pump. I stopped there and asked to fill Rs. 950 (I never ask for fixed amounts like Rs. 500 or Rs. 1000). The guy pushed 950 and started his operation.

    I suddenly came out of my car and started to monitor the process….. Another guy quickly came over and press 950 AGAIN on the pump. I asked why you did that? He said, the other guy didn’t open the fuel cap so when he opened the cap, i keyed-in again 950…… You can see the meter…..

    Then i told them i don’t want to fill from this booth and i moved to the car booth…..

    They also played the same trick which the writer has mentioned in the article…. Released the lock before 950. I asked why you released before 950? His “supervisor” jumped in and said “to kia hua? meter daikh lo 950 ka pump chala hay……..”

  • Adeel Fayyaz

    Why dont Car manufacturers install a device above the fuel tank to measure the volume of fuel pumped in?. I guess its pretty simple to get this done. Maybe Pakwheels can introduce this device in Pakistan and pay for the idea 🙂

  • ABC

    hoshyar chand!!! wahan aik car fuel up nahi hu rahi huti…. better not be over smart!!

  • dark heart

    tango trick happened to me, i was filling my tank worth 800rs, and constantly looking at the meter then the meter was in 300rs range, then i lost my concentration for even a sec from the meter , and the magic happened , the reading is fulled. i have a doubt in my mind that how this happened, and constantly looking at he eyes of the filler and meter also, but he was ignoring me , so i left 🙁

  • Zeeshan

    Most common; in case of bike is; 1st attendant is filling the fuel with his hand near lever (where nozzle rests) . 2nd attendant about when meter is halfway asks for money or tries to talk. Now he is on opposite side so you face him. Thats when 1st one push lever and meters goes directly to amount (I am amazed how this lever loophole is tolerated by Oil companies) This is easiest and commonly used. Solution is to give exact amount before filling, eyes on meter and become deaf after that

  • Imran

    Best of all solutions. Everyone has to put petrol in their vehicles by themselves like in the west.

  • Alpha Bravo

    No Click Trick most of the time

  • Muhammad Umar khan

    Asslam O alaikum.

    Bro i more trick they apply on us Meter to Meter point Changing Show means if you go to petrol pump where both petrol pump 1 and petrol pump 2 side beside attached are exchange their meter reading i.e if you reached petrol pump 1 and ask him to fill 200rs petrol. they show you to check the meter fom 0 to 200rs and meter works perporly then whats the trick they apply ?.Ans: the second person standing on petrol pump 2 is captured that you are filling your petrol upto 200rs then he type 150rs on his meter and 1st one type 200rs on their meter. after 150rs petrol nozle stop filling petrol on your bike but meter is still run for completing their figure. Solution Kindly ask petrol men that put the nozle out so that you see when nozle stop filling petrol.

    Where is these tricks currently running..???
    Ans:- On college road PSO Petrol Pump in front of Al-Janat Shadi hall.

  • Waqas

    protip: never hand over money before filing is complete and you’re satisfied

  • Waqas

    Several times they put their heads next to meter so you can’t see the starting of meter and when you try to see they step aside to show you meter.

    And females are more victims to their tactics than males. **country of corrupts