BMW aims to revolutionize motorcycle design


BMW wants to focus on the next 100 years more than it wants to celebrate the 100 years that have passed. It is not just about producing something that looks futuristic and has considerably more features, it is about enhancing and revamping the entire experience. BMW envisions to create a personal companion for their clients. Their vehicles will be designed to know the driver in greater depth therefore, be in a position to provide intuitive and subtle assistance during riding sessions. The company’s latest Motorrad is one example of this philosophy.

The idea is to produce an intelligent assistant to ensure a more desirable experience. They will look to produce their vehicle from more innovative materials making it more sustainable and efficient. BMW envisages a future that completely surpasses the ambitions and ideas of most people.

BMW Motorrad is the motorcycle brand of German company BMW. The brand is styling bikes after other VISION NEXT 100 concept vehicles. The vision Next 100 concept in question stands for an ultimate riding experience. The company is focussing on enhancing the relationship between rider and the machine. Some unique features of this concept are:

  • Self-balancing
  • Flexframe – A single frame extending from the front to rear.
  • Visor aka data glasses
  • Digital companion – combined with the rider gear, this whole system provides situational information and the support rider needs.

The engine is craftily concealed in the rear wheel. It is pertinent to note that the bike gives off no emission. Flat batteries are stored in the underfloor, which provides greater room for luggage. The windshield of this motorbike has a projection display. The addition of bench seats makes the ride comfortable for two people.

Although BMW does not plan to mass produce this particular motorbike, it sets the bar extremely high for the future of motorbikes in general, as it opens a realm of possibilities. It is an inspirational idea that does not seem farfetched and can play a great role in determining the future of motorbikes in the world. It sets new precedents in the understanding of urban mobility.

“It links the digital and analog world and places the focus on the rider and his mobility needs”, Head of Design at BMW, Edgar Heinrich said. It is designed to analyze and choose the best possible route to a particular location and with that, it can even link up the rider’s calendar.

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