BMW M5 has “Luxury Plus Performance” – Owner’s Review

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This episode of the owner’s review features a luxurious saloon with extreme power; the BMW M5. Although this car was not  an M5 from the factory, it has been converted into it from a 520d. With a 4.4 liter twin-turbo v8, this M5 produces 600hp and is paired with an 8-speed DCT transmission. With the exterior, comfort, and practically similar to a standard 5-series, the M5 is a true sleeper on the roads.


As per the owner, he bought a standard 5-series for a project that cost around Rs. 6 to 7 million. Then he bought an M5 in japan for around the same price, which served as a donor car, and the conversion cost an additional Rs .3 million. So the total cost of this M5 landed on Rs. 15 million. “This is comparatively cheap as an original imported M5 will cost around Rs. 50 million because of the import duties,” added the owner.


Excluding the chassis of the original 520d, the owner has installed every part from the donor M5, including the engine, transmission, brakes, interior components, and even fenders. Still, this car cannot be classified as modified as each part is genuine, and the conversion is done without any alterations.

Salient Features

The key features exclusive to the M5 include 20-inch alloy rims, sports seats, an Alcantara steering wheel, M-sport gear and speedometer, a bigger infotainment screen, paddle shifters, 3-zone climate control, and rear entertainment. Safety features include lane assist, auto parking, auto braking, and even automatic stability control, which prevents the car from getting out of control.


According to the owner, high-octane is essential for such a big displacement engine with so much power as this car cannot run on standard fuel. This has a forced-induction engine, and a higher RON fuel is key for it to perform efficiently.


For long-term durability, maintenance is essential for this car. The owner imports basic oil and filters. Although the oil is also available in Pakistan, but he has to import other parts like brake pads, air filters, and cabin. These Parts cannot be found in Pakistan, except only a few are interchangeable with the 5-series.  “So I brings them from abroad for myself and others,” he said.

Yearly Tax

The owner has replaced 2.0-liter engine in this BMW M5 with a 4.4 liter, and updated it on the car’s book. “This increases the yearly token tax as it is dependent on the engine displacement,” added the owner.

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