“Used Audi A6 Can Beat Any Brand New Local Car” – Owner’s Review

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Welcome to another episode of PakWheels Owner’s Review Series. Today, we have with us Mr. Umar Qamar, CEO of Pakistan’s best online shopping brand, elo, who owns a 2016 Audi A6. Let’s hear about his experience with his luxury car and see how he would rate its comfort and power.


The owner did not buy an Audi A6 himself, but he did go through the decision process of choosing this car. He was actually offered to choose from his three family cars. One was the brand-new 2020 Audi e-tron; others were Toyota Fortuner and this 2016 Audi A6. He chose this car because it was the best option for his day-to-day city drives as well as inter-city trips.


People often underestimate this car’s 1800cc engine and think it’s not enough for a car this big. But that’s not at all the case. The owner has driven this car for 120,000 kilometres and gives his word that Audi A6 is more powerful than you’d expect.

Fuel Average

With great power comes not-so-great fuel efficiency, right? Not for Audi A6. The car does not compromise on fuel efficiency and gives the owner a mileage of 9 to 10 kilometres per litre in the city and up to 14 km/L on the highway.

After looks, fuel efficiency is the owner’s second most favourite thing about this car.


The comfort level of Audi A6 is simply unmatched. There are many locally produced sedans and crossovers you can buy at the price of a used Audi A6, but none of them can come close to the luxury this car has to offer.


Audi A6 is an easy to maintain car. The owner gets his car serviced every six months (or 10,000 kilometres), and it costs him around Rs. 28,000. 

Key Features

This is the Business variant of Audi A6, and it comes with a host of features such as cruise control, dual climate control, Bose premium sound system, auto shade, parking sensors, sunroof, multiple airbags, and so much more.

Key Issues

Being a pretty old German car, the phone connectivity is not as smooth as it should be. But once you get the software updated from Audi, the issue is resolved.

Another turn off is that this car can’t handle bumpy and rough roads because of its ground clearance

Final Words on Audi A6

In the words of the owner — “I once thought of replacing this car, but I could not find any car that could compare to this six-year-old Audi A6. It’s the best value for money car, as good as new even after six years.”

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