The Brighter Side of Suzuki Mehran

Suzuki Mehran has always been in the limelight, sometimes as the best seller and sometimes due to its cheap built. Almost every person in the country has experienced a ride in the Suzuki Mehran. Most of the times people discuss Mehran only to highlight the mistakes and how this car is a disaster but everything in the world comes with some advantages. Let’s look at the brighter side of Suzuki Mehran today,

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Cheap parts and maintenance:

One thing that is really amazing about the Suzuki Mehran is its low maintenance. I challenge you that Suzuki Mehran is a car with the cheapest maintenance charges on earth. You can find a front bumper of Suzuki Mehran in as low as Rs.600. And finding spare parts for your Suzuki Mehran is a piece of cake. That is why, most of the new drivers we see on the road, drive Suzuki Mehran. Because “KOI BAAT NAHI GAARI LAG BHI JAYE TO KHAIR HAI”.mehran-accident

The Golden Memories:

Now this is one thing almost every middle-class Pakistani has experienced. People have amazing memories with Suzuki Mehran because it is their first car. It’s really nice to see a teenager boy cleaning his car in the morning because “PEHLI GAARI HAI MERI JEE”. And after 20 years that guy is living his settled life i.e. Biwi (a hectic one :p), Bari Gaari (Civic or Corolla) and two cute kids and a six figure salary. At that time, all he misses, are the moments of teenage and those trips with his SHARARATI friends on Mehran.56153297

It never gets out of fashion:

Suzuki Mehran was introduced in 1988 and from 1988 till 2016 the car has the same shape. There is a famous saying “NAYA 9 DIN PURANA 100 DIN” Suzuki Mehran has proved it right. All you need is a bit of investment in shape of compound and polish and here you go “GADDI NAYI HO GAYI JEE!” Your 2005 model Mehran will look as good as 2016 Mehran.56556d1205439

The Universal Mehran Key:

I don’t know if it still works on the newer model. If you have the key of your Mehran it will work on every Mehran in the world. It was so funny at times people realized after sitting in that it’s not their. To avoid theft, Mehran owners had these steering locks that kept their car safe. And Mehrans are so common, especially in the white color, that it gets really hard to find your White Mehran in the Parking lot unless you have the alarm system installed.


Keeping our roots with us:

In future, When people will ask how cars used to be in the past, all we got is the Suzuki Mehran because in Pakistan we don’t have these car museums. One thing that I really find funny about Suzuki Mehran is the Cassette player. Even when audio cassettes became a part of museums, Mehran was the only car in the world that came installed with a cassette player.


I think Suzuki Mehran should be declared as The National Car of Pakistan. And one thing I would really love to see is all the ministers traveling in the Suzuki Mehran as in Indian Movies, we see their politicians travel in the white “ambassador”. The Government should do something to appreciate this car that has been serving the nation for around 28 years and still counting… At least it should be given a Pride of Performance Award.



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Student at a Business school. Passionate about cars.

  • Sporty man

    Best of bad

  • Usman Ansari

    imagine paying more than 700k for a car, the bumper of which can be bought for 600/- indicators for 80/- etc. anyone ever tried to imagine how much would it cost Pak Suzuki to produce this car?

  • Rehan Chaudhry

    to bhai kisne kaha hae nai khareedo :p
    puraani lelo farak kya hae?

  • abdullah khan

    Front bumper 250 ka ha bhaee pichla 400 ka ha

  • Guest

    So the blame lies on the consumer for being exploited?
    Even if he buys old, means someone sometimes bought it new. If everybody stopped buying new ones, would there be any old ones anymore to buy?

  • Guest

    So much so for the light-hearted satire in this article, a few points noteworthy:

    1. National car: Hindustan Ambassador was kind of iconic for India. It was the vehicle of choice for government departments. It had a regal and modern shape for its time, even though it looks clumsy according to today’s beauty standards. Ambassador was big from inside and was a perfect luxury car with sofa seat and other amenities, qualities which Mehran cannot boast of, and therefore cannot become the national iconic car since the government departments would not prefer it. If you want to know more about Ambassador, you can refer to Wikipedia and Pakwheels forums itself is a very big repository worth reading. There was a member from India called nickatnite. He has given detailed description of Ambassador.

    2. Before Mehran, there was Suzuki FX.

    3. The article has some politically incorrect things such as mention of “AUNITIES”. Could simply have written inconsiderate/inexperienced/whatever type drivers instead of promoting stereotypes.

    4. Foul language is present in one of the images. Is this where PW Blog wants to go? Writing satire is a fine line and PW Blog should decide whether it wants be zero value or high value. On the one hand PW Blog is shaping the opinion of the nation by using it journalistic prowess, on the other hand cheap memes. چہ معنی دارد؟

  • Rehan Chaudhry

    o bhai jazbaati na ho :p

  • Usman Haider Sheikh

    it’d be much better if they had discontinued mehran and continued production of khyber and cultus side by side as khyber is equally cheap to maintain as a mehran but a much better car in terms of durability, reliability, drive and creature comfort. and before contradicting me, I bought brand front bumper of khyber for 800rs. last year and it was of better quality than what comes on a mehran from factory. 18 year old genuine bumper was also repaired for 150rs. but not installed as 800rs. bumper is serving well.

  • Usman Haider Sheikh

    and when compared to a mehran or alto, khyber never takes long selfs even when parked in coldest winter nights on cng just two short ones and it wakens up.

  • munib

    If its on the wheels , its mehran

  • Guest

    Mehrunisa and mehru are the sur names of mehran 😀

  • Guest

    headlight 200 ke mil jati ha 😛

  • Hassan Rao

    Aaga aaga ya naara lagaien gy
    “Go Mehran Go”

  • Umar Ashfaq

    well said :p