Is Honda City to Receive a Much Needed Upgrade in Pakistan?

As a car enthusiast I would love nothing more to brag about the choices available to me in my country. But sadly the local automobile industry hasn’t produced anything noteworthy in the recent years, apart from a couple of new models being introduced every few years. It has been almost 8 years since the 5th generation Honda City appeared in Pakistan and 4 years since Honda City Aspire was launched back in 2012 and after that we haven’t had any noticeable cosmetic or any other upgrade in regards to this particular car, which is proclaimed to be the backbone of Honda operations in Pakistan.

But as they say “Time waits for none”, the world has moved on and the automotive giant Honda is apparently looking forward to introduce the face-lifted avatar of its most popular introductory level sedan, Honda City globally. But sadly due to some technicalities Pakistani people have yet to hear any positive news in this regard from Honda Atlas Cars. But that doesn’t mean we can’t discuss what might possibly be included in the package, which is in its testing phase and is reaching near its most crucial time of announcement of delivery in the international market.
The new Honda City is primarily inspired from the Honda Greiz; which is a sedan, Honda introduced for the Chinese Market. The face-lifted Honda City is going to end up quite a looker if the inspiration is something like this


side Profile

Many Indian market analysts are predicting the introduction of this face-lifted City to enter Indian market at the beginning of year 2017, according to a report of Team BHP, citing the Zauba, Honda has exported two variants of Honda City from India to China which brings much needed authenticity to the rumors of the face-lifted Honda City. Okay, that is all good but what about the details of face-lift? Well, apparently the Honda City might be having the same engine as the 6th generation, which was shipped in two variants; 1.5-litre Earth Dreams i-DTEC turbo-diesel with 100 BHP along with 200 NM of torque and a refined version of the 1.5-liter i-VTEC petrol from the fifth Generation City which produced 117 BHP and 145 NM of torque.
But the main focus of this face-lift is aimed at the cosmetic makeovers. ‘Honda City’ will have a new front design which means newly designed front bumpers, front grill and front headlights. Overall the car might end-up with a few millimeters added to its length due to these modifications but that’s a long shot.

The tail lamps are also speculated to be re-touched which will end up in producing quite a noticeable effect on the back-end of the car.
This new ‘Honda City’ might also be featuring a new 15.7 cm touch screen console with updated cruise control and a new sunroof.
Those features sound good, right? But have you ever felt the feeling of so desperately wanting to reach out and touch or test an object? But you can’t because it’s physically not possible. Well, I am having these feelings right now. Why? because I am a car enthusiast and it’s in my blood to react on every interesting automobile news.

Sometimes it’s disheartening to conceive the market strategy implemented by big companies but I am not ruling out the possibility of hearing some Good news from Honda Atlas Cars, primarily because times have changed and company’s sales are dependent on good Public relations.

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Abdul Hanan

Hanan is an avid auto enthusiast with a flair for writing and playing games. He loves traveling, deciphering political maneuvering and exploring the realms of coding & graphic designing.

  • Sporty man

    Honda bring 6th generation city in pakistan when 7th generation city launched in world wide.

  • Guest

    Cannot understand the flow of the article.

    Internationally, Honda City had moved to 6th gen in 2013. Now in 2016, the facelift of that 6th gen is being prepared.
    In Pakistan, Atlas has been selling 5th gen City since 2008. Now if the facelift for 6th gen City is expected to be launched in other countries, how is it relevant to Pakistan’s 5th gen? Or the writer wants to imply that Atlas who did not start selling 6th gen in 2013, would now directly want to introduced the 6th gen facelift in Pakistan?

    Honda has exported 2 variants of Honda City – choice of words is confusing. They usually export 2 trim levels out of their whole lineup? Or they have exported 2 specimen to be used as a sample?


    The article is factually incorrect where it is written that no changes have been made to 5th gen City being manufactured by Atlas since its inception. City 5th gen initially (2008) came only with 1.3 engine.
    In 2012, Aspire came with a 1.5. Aspire had different interior compared to the 1.3. There were new materials and new colour scheme.

    In October 2014, another upgrade was made available and I will quote this directly from Wikipedia, “In October, 2014 Honda Atlas launched the facelifted Honda City, with new features including new taillights, revamped chrome grille, blinkers on side mirrors, rear window brake light, keyless entry system and new bumpers. The interior also received some changes. The speedometer dials were changed from orange to blue optitron.”

    In fact in Pakistan they need not launch the new (2013 onwards) City. In the existing city they can put LED taillights, projector headlamps, 4-wheel disc brakes, auto-dimming back mirrors, improve the interior comfort, and keep selling it. VW sold the Beetle for decades with piecemeal upgrades every few years. The ’88 Beetle was vastly different from the ’40s Beetle.

  • Abdul Hanan

    If you check the “Zauba” hyperlink then you will notice that the exports have been actually made from India to Japan/China [in whatever case of shipment you are considering] where ‘City’ was introduced in two variants (Petrol & Diesel), secondly; the article’s theme follows a more of comparative ‘news’ feature which is delivered with the incorporation of writer’s own wistfulness in this matter.
    And above all else, as the title clearly dictates this article is more of a question aimed at ‘Honda Atlas’ as to when are they going to take an initiative and deliver some official news on moving on from the 5th Generation City…
    I hope it addresses all the concerns you have regarding this article.

  • Guest again

    Thanks for your reply.

    I saw the link and as per the info there only single specimen has been sent.

    Writer’s own wistfulness is welcome … you are a new writer and have a long way to go before your writing has clarity. All the best.

    I just wish for the meanwhile PW would hire a native speaker as a ghostwriter for improving the English of the articles.

  • asad

    erghh.. you wasted my time! idk who approved this article to be publish.
    how you co-related it to PKDM? your blog has to be thematic, try again!

  • Abdul Hanan

    Thank you so much, it’s really good to hear constructive feedback. And I will make sure to put even more efforts in producing quality work.

  • asad

    how rude is that?
    you have removed my comment try to digest some truth!

  • Faheem Janjua

    Can we expect Facelit or any upgrade in Honda City in 2017, I wish to get some news to book my new car or wait for little more.

  • m. saad

    according to my resources honda city is getting a facelift. can any 1 confirm other than grill what else they are changing?