The 1500 HP Bugatti Chiron Revealed At The 2016 Geneva Motor Show

Some of my fellow bloggers have been keeping our readers up to date about the Bugatti Chiron; the next generation of Bugatti hypercar from Volkswagen Group. Louis Chiron was famous Bugatti racing driver back in 1930’s, and Bugatti has named the new car after him. In Greek mythology, “Chiron” was the son of Titan Cronus and Philyra. Chiron was a Centaur (half men half horse) and was the wisest of all the Centaurs. He was famous for his knowledge and wisdom.

Bugatti Chiron had been in media for quite some time as a number of its spy shots and videos were circulating on the web. Bugatti promised before the release that the new car will be one the fastest cars on the planet Earth and today it was made official on the opening day of 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

The Bugatti Chiron Specs – The new hypercar or supercar, whatever you want to call it, is powered by the same famous engine as its predecessor. The engine is 8L Quad turbo W16, but it has been re-designed and upgraded to produce 1500 HP [500 more than the Veyron] and 1180 lb-ft of torque. This makes Chiron the production car with the highest number of horsepower. The engine has 32 fuel injectors and capable of taking 60,000 liters of air per minute at intake at full throttle.


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The car can reach 100-kph in under 2.5 seconds and touch 300-kph in 13.6 seconds. A Bugatti official said that there is a speed limiter in the car which will restrict it to 420-kph. The car is equipped with a dual clutch 7-speed transmission system, and Bugatti claims it’s the largest, highest-performance clutch ever produced.  The official also revealed that Bugatti is all set to go for a new world record of speed by a road legal car.

Oh well! The speedometer says 500 on the dial, so I think they will do it.

Apart from the insane engine, the car has an adaptive air chassis/suspension with five different settings. There is lift mode which activates when the car is below 50kph which increases ground clearance while there is handling mode which can only be activated by using a particular key and that allows you to take the car above 400kph, provided you have enough road length to do so. The capacity of fuel tank is 26.4 gallons.

There will be eight-piston calipers to stop specially designed Michelin tires. Tires are 20″ at front and 21″ at the rear. Also, there is an air-brake in the form of deployment of the rear spoiler to stop the car. As far as the interior of this hypercar is concerned, it is a typical Bugatti layout and is familiar looking like it was in Veyron with the high-end material fit and finish.


On the Bugatti Chiron exterior, the car is more angular and gives a very aggressive look. There are new LED laser headlights while there is an elongated thin rear tail light running from edge to edge, and it is made like this to reduce the air drag. The Chiron is entirely made up on carbon fiber monocoque and for the first time ever, the rear of the car is also carbon fiber. The interior is also carbon wrapped in premium leather. Chiron is the first car introducing an airbag which can deploy from the carbon fiber dashboard.

Only 500 units of the new Bugatti will be produced over the period of 7 to 8 years, and rumors are that the car has already sold out. Car’s price is just as high as its top speed. The Bugatti Chiron Price is about USD 2.6 million; a million dollar more than its predecessor. Production will start at the end of 2016, and first delivery will be somewhere around the summer of 2017.

Below you can find the video interview of Bugatti president Wolfgang Durheimer along with Bugatti Chiron Pictures, head of engineering Willi Netuschil and head of design Achim Anscheidt.

Below you can find the video interview of Bugatti president Wolfgang Durheimer, head of engineering Willi Netuschil and head of design Achim Anscheidt. Courtesy: MT

Exclusive First Look: Bugatti Chiron – World’s Fastest Production Car – Motor Trend Presents from fazalwahab on Vimeo.

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