Bur’raq16: DHA Suffa University Unveils Formula Student Race Car

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The unveiling ceremony of Team DSU Bur’raq’s Formula Student Race Car called “Bur’raq16” was held on October 1, 2016. With the unveiling of this car, DHA Suffa University (DSU) has joined ranks of the best engineering universities that have the honor of representing Pakistan in the internationally-recognized Formula Student competitions.

Picture Courtesy: Team Bur’raq16

According to DSU; Mr Hamza Shams, team’s facility advisor and the pioneer of the Formula Student Race Car in DSU, he started his Formula journey as a member of NUST’s Formula Student team that participated in Formula Student UK 2013 under the able leadership of Capt. Nadeem Ahmed (Shaheed) of Pakistan Navy.


The formulation of Team DSU Bur’raq owes its existence to the vision of Mr Hamza Shams: transferring the Formula culture in his students.

The team will also be representing Pakistan in the upcoming prestigious Formula Student Australia 2016, to be held in Australia from December 8-11, 2016. DSU will be one of the thirty-seven participating universities and the first (And only) university from Pakistan to participate in this race.

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  1. ABCD says

    Pakistanis are fucking unprofessional. They don’t represent Pakistan, just a bunch fucking low-IQ’d elitists.

  2. ABCD says

    Retard low-IQ’d sub-humans.

  3. Guest says

    Probably there is some history because of which you accuse them of being retarded or being subhuman (whether being retarded or being subhuman is bad or wrong in any sense is altogether another matter).

    Surely the readers of PW Blog would want to read on how you tested their IQ. As there are many methods of testing of IQ and some of them are controversial as they give inconsistent results. Did your method include correction factor for Flynn effect?
    What is the definition of low IQ? What is the definition of high IQ?

  4. Guest says

    Literary question: They have romanized برّاق as bur’raq. As far as I knew, single apostrophe ‘ is used to represent ع or مد in common romanization methods of Arabic.

    Could anybody shed some light?

  5. Shiraz Maqbool says

    I’m no engineer, but I see something odd about this formula racer – namely:

    1. No slicks? Those look like road tyres.
    2. Those rims look like they have 4 lug nuts instead of a center-lock nut. Pit lane woes?
    3. No spoiler? Not much aero either. No splitter, can’t see the rear but I guess no diffuser…
    4. Air filter pokes out from the rear.. shouldn’t there be some sort of RAM air arrangement (unless the engine is carbureted, of course) to increase airflow, preferably via those side ducts or above the drivers’ head?
    5. Shouldn’t the rear wheels be slightly cambered to increase stability at high speeds? The front looks slightly cambered!

    Or perhaps the build is to strict specifications so that all players have a level playing field?

  6. Hasan Iqbal says

    rear have also camber but could not be observed from this view and these are wet tyres which have been installed to give it a better look at the time we do have slick tyres for the track and the engine is carbureted no spolier needed b/c it wont wont reach that high speed air filter will be adjucted later after the intake manifold is manufactured
    there will be no pit or race or time limitation in the competition therefore lug nuts will do fine
    i hope i answered all of them

  7. Shiraz Maqbool says

    Whoa! Hey, buddy! First off, congratulations on the build to you and the entire team, hope you guys do well. Pardon my inquisitiveness for I have lots and lots of questions now that I know someone from the build is bothering to answer me

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