Camera Readable Number Plates to be Introduced in Punjab

The Safe City project-Lahore along with Excise and Taxation Department has decided to introduce camera readable number plates. The final design of camera readable number plates is yet to be approved by the Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif. Reportedly, this change of number plates will be carried out to streamline the functionality of the cameras used in Lahore safe city project. Up until now, the installed cameras have been unable to read the existing number plates. This decision will add revenue of Rs. 18 billion to the government’s treasury.

The to-be-approved number plate design would be detected and captured by 8,000 CCTV cameras that will be operational around the city as a part of the safe city project. Another surprising change is that the new number plates will only consist of three digits instead of four.
Sources report that excise and taxation department had sent more than 70pc of departmental data to the safe city authorities and the design of new plates is also ready.

It is also worth mentioning that the safe city cameras had captured more than 2,000 traffic violations by two and three wheelers. The new number plates would be issued around the province, and people who have already received their computerized number plates will be compensated with new camera readable number plates.
Reportedly, for four-wheelers, the fee of new number plates will be Rs.1200 however for two wheelers: it would be Rs.450.

Notable Replies

  1. oh my god, the khao piyo program is never going to end, is it. fuck off already showbaz shareef. How many times do you want us to pay for registration books and number plates.

  2. IDIOTS IDIOTS IDIOTS. Few weeks ago these corrupt and ineligible govt officials forced public get computerized plates for their old vehicles and charged them for it. They charged people courier charges but plates were never delivered at their doorstep instead they had to receive it from Excise and taxation dept offices. And they want us to get these camera readable plates once again. These corrupt officials and politicians should be forced to stand in long ques under direct sunlight and slapped on their faces in front of public. Enough of their corruption now,

  3. Enough is enough these number plate changes are stupid and mis managed. I still haven't got my number plates from excise office it has been more than two months now. After 45 days of waiting amd visiting numerous excise offices as they didn't know where they were sent in the end they handed me motorcycle platws instead of car plates now again they are being re issued God knows woh kab banee ge aur konse office se milee ge.

  4. Strange! People criticizing this project just because it's launched by Punjab Govt. We people always praise western counties that you can't violate traffic rule there. Challan ticket reaches your home. No escape.... Now Punjab govt is taking initiative and launching a good system which will help in regulating traffic problems in near future, we are criticizing just because we support PTI and every thing done by PMLN govt is always waste of time and resources.

  5. Nobody is criticising the govt for taking initiative. The problem is that why the hell didn't they did proper homework when they were all over the news to get computerised number plates issued by excise. Pehle alag khuwaari ki thi hum ne number plates k lye, ab new number plates k lye alag khuwari karni paregi. I'm a salaried person aur mere pas ye roz roz fareedkot house nahi jay jata number plates nikalwane k lye. My time is important to me. Bc wakhri khuwari lagai hui he revenue generate karne k lye.

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