Can Toyota GT86 Be The Perfect Sports Car In Pakistan?

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Now if you’re a true petrol-head then you must know about the compact sports car Toyota GT86. Though it was introduced a fair while ago, it still manages to liven the soul of almost every petrol-head in the world. Now, as we’re sure all of you know the automotive industry in Pakistan is quite bleak at best; all you have to chose from the limited number of models that each manufacturer offers is just a variety of eco-boxes and if you want to import something, all that’s gonna do is cost you an arm and an leg. There truly is nothing available here that can really satisfy the wants and needs of us petrol-heads. However, that could all be easily changed if Toyota ever decides to sell the GT86 here in Pakistan.

The GT86 was developed by Toyota in close collaboration with Subaru. It comes quipped with a 2.0 liter boxer engine developing 197bhp which accelerates the car from 0-60 in under 7 seconds and on to a top speed of 143mph (233km/h) and most importantly, its RWD. By no means is this industry leading performance but that really isn’t even the point of this car. This car was built for one purpose and one purpose alone: That is to bring a massive smile to your face while driving it. In a world of humdrum boring safe eco-boxes, the GT86 stands out like Jon Snow at a formal dinner party.

If you’ve seen any of the reviews on this car you’ll find all of them ravaging on about the same thing at how absolutely joyous it is to drive anywhere in any conditions. How the RWD and feeling of being connected to the car through the steering wheel really solidifies your confidence through the corners. It won 15 awards in 2012 alone including the Top Gear Car Of The Year award. And its not desperately impractical for a sportscar either you get a decent sized boot that’s 243 liters in capacity along with a nice interior with standard options such as climate control and it can can also get up to 34mpg or 12-13 kmpl which is the same as what your Suzuki Swift give.

Though it isn’t all perfect, the rear seats are ideally only really big enough for children and the styling isn’t all the great either but really that’s just nitpicking for what is a spectacular car for the money and speaking of money.


Now on to things that would matter most to consumers if we were to actually see the day the GT86 arrived in Pakistan; the cost. The GT86 starts at US$ 24,500 in the US though by the time it got here it would cost around an extra US$ 5,000 and that would equate to a base price of around PKR 30 Lakhs that isn’t all that terrible if you factor in that the Honda CRZ costs an extra PKR 4 Lakhs in Pakistan when new and it doesn’t even come close to offering what the GT86 offers in terms of value. And since it is a Toyota, its going to be pretty much bulletproof in terms of reliability and ideally servicing and maintenance wouldn’t break the bank. All this really does make the GT86 in this bloggers opinion the perfect sportscar for Pakistan.

Of course, you could buy a under 10K miles driven GT86 from the UK for less than 18K GBP, still, we’re not sure how much the duty will be slapped on this 2000cc sports car that you can daily drive.

Do you agree that the GT86 would be the perfect sports car for Pakistan or do you think some other car deserves that title?

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  1. usman niazi says

    “Jon Snow at a formal dinner party”

    yes we too have seen the “seth brings john snow to a dinner party” video on facebook:p….

    i can never drive something this flashy…

  2. Shani Arain says

    at last someone spoke ! i will really like to see this car on pak roads.

  3. Hasan Sidiki says

    I’ve been wondering the same thing for a while now, but don’t know why hasn’t anyone considered this option yet.

  4. Amar Ali says

    My main concern is the 4 pot boxer engine that comes from SUBARU on the GT86. Parts for boxer engines are tricky.

  5. Fazal Wahab says

    The duties and taxes will take this car above 5.5 Million easily that too for used one. I dont remember exactly but a Senior Pakwheeler was working on importing one used from GB and it was costing above 8 Million OTR Pakistan..

  6. Obaid Saeed says

    Yupss it will be.
    Researched it a bit, with all duty, importing will cost 12000 US $ more, so eventually it will cost around 40-42 Lakh now…
    So pray Toyota provides this here in pak ASP

  7. Humza Aamir says

    Interesting proposition but people here like a ‘jack of all trades’ car, the CR-Z was stylish and sporty but I don’t see many of them around mainly because of its two doors and subsequent lack of space. The GT86 would be a great sports car, but its audience may be too limited here for Toyota to consider its sales here, people who can shell out a couple of million rupees for a 2-door.

  8. Ali Ahmed says

    The thing I hate about local cars is that they’re FWD. But if GT86 ever comes to Pakistan, it would be awesome!

  9. rkk says

    i think the local companies are giving people what they deserve. People here cant handle change. They care too much about resale and very cheap maintainance. Rickshaw lehlo phir tou. Shaadi per lakhon spend aur cars per yeh thinking. Losers.

  10. Hassan Rao says

    You didn’t write an important point…..
    it’s newer version of the legend Ae86 corolla.

  11. Muhammad Haris says

    i saw this car in lahore at car max demanding 1 crore

  12. Hafiz Mubarik says

    honda CRz is almost the same price of it and the one we use mostly is more expensive then this and honda crz is hybrid too but still it costs around 20-22lacks if well maintained so by this comparison toyota is cheaper and nonhybrid but with 500cc more only so i dont think that 500cc cheaper will make the car more then thrice the money of 500cc less costly

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