Can You Count on a Local Car Mechanic for Used Car Inspection?

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Pakistani auto industry is undoubtedly enjoying an unequaled run of success since ever. The sale/purchase of new cars is directly associated with the sale/purchase of second-hand cars, which is why, apart from the local automotive manufacturers, the auto brokers dealing in new/used tips-buying-a-new-carcars have also been pocketing significant profits across the country. If you ever bought a second-hand car in the past, you must be familiar with the anxiety that goes with this procedure, not to mention the pressure and the lack of trust that is associated with the brokers and the local car sellers, who usually try to conceal the facts associated with the vehicles they are selling.

Now the question is, what’s the solution to this? Do we ultimately have to trust the words of auto brokers who greatly praise the used-vehicles up for sale at their brokerage or we need to hire the services of a mechanic who could help us thoroughly inspect and evaluate the used vehicle technically as well as price-wise? Let’s find an answer to this:

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Hiring a Local Car Mechanic for Vehicle Inspection

As we plan of hiring the services of a mechanic for car inspection, most of us would go directly to the mechanic who we usually trust for fixing our cars. Alternatively, we’ll ask one of our close friends to give us a reference to some reliable and honest car mechanic around.

The Greedy Mechanic…

Majority of the car mechanics are unfortunately too greedy and money-oriented, to be honest with their opinions and analysis. Either they would shake hands with the car dealer or private seller for a share in commission to approve certain car or they would simply discourage you to buy that car, just because they haven’t been offered commission by the seller. Another reason could be that the mechanic you are relying on, personally knows somebody who’s selling a similar car and he wants you to buy that car, to get his share of commission from the other party.

From the Technical Perspective…

Let’s suppose that the mechanic you are relying on is neither greedy nor money-oriented and is fair with his job; from the technical perspective, it’s still not a good idea to rely on a single person for the overall inspection of a vehicle. An auto workshop could be considered complete only when it has a complete team of auto experts that include the mechanic, electrician, a denter a painter, an air conditioning expert, etc. Similarly, a single person out of these cannot evaluate the car technically from all aspects. A mechanic would only be able to evaluate the condition of a car’s engine, a paint job expert would only be able to differentiate between the accidental and non-accidental cars, an electrician would only be able to evaluate the condition of electrical wiring and electrical devices in a car.

Greedy-MechanicIs it feasible to hire a complete team of automotive experts to evaluate a second-hand car?

PakWheels Car Inspection service is the Answer! car inspection is a service offered by Pakistan’s largest online portal of automobiles PakWheels. The idea behind the launching of this service was to facilitate people across Pakistan in effortless and stress-free buying of used vehicles. Instead of getting your prospective car inspected individually by a mechanic, electrician, body paint expert, etc., spending the whole day in getting a single car inspected and draining your hard-earned money on their fees, all you need is to give a call to car inspection team or schedule PakWheels Car Inspection online and voila!pakwheels carsure Why PakWheels Car Inspection Service?

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