What is PakWheels Car Inspection Service & How to Read Its Report?

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Buying a used car? Having difficulty knowing the exact condition of the car, no problem we have got you covered, with PakWheels Car Inspection Service you can easily buy a used car without getting into any kind of trouble and with peace of mind.

What is the PakWheels Car Inspection service? 

PakWheels Car Inspection Service islamabad is a comprehensive inspection service where an expert inspects a car on a 200+ points checklist, using modern tools and techniques to assess the car’s condition in real-time wherever you want, whenever you want. It’s like getting the car x-rayed.

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What is included In the Inspection?

As mentioned, the car inspection is done on 200+ points, including Engine, Transmission, Clutch, Suspension, Interior Body, Car Paint, Exterior Body, Electrical & Electronics, Body Frame Accident checklist, Tire check, Road Test, Battery, etc.

Why PakWheels Car Inspection?

  • Comprehensive Report: Detailed digital report includes a road test, photos, and car condition report.
  • Qualified Technicians: Specialist technicians providing comprehensive vehicle inspection across Pakistan.
  • Peace of Mind: Get the information you need to make an informed decision on your next vehicle purchase.
  • Door-step service: Our team will arrive at the assigned location or your home. Once ordered the service, just sit and relax. We will do all the hassle.

How to book a car inspection service?

You can either call us at 042 111 943 357 or apply online and schedule the appointment. The car inspection team will arrive at your doorstep and will inspect the car. It usually takes 30 – 45 minutes to inspect a car. The report will be handed over to you on the spot.

Inspection Pricing:

The charges for availing this service for cars up to 1000cc is PKR 3,000. Moreover, the price for vehicles above 1000 cc is PKR 5,000. Furthermore, for premium cars, which include 4×4, Jeeps, and German vehicles, you have to pay PKR 7,500. With a nominal amount of money, you can get a complete health report of your car or the car; you are eyeing to purchase.

Car Inspection

How to Read PakWheels Car Inspection Report?

Main Page

After you open the report, you are taken to the main page. On this page, you will see the make and model of the car, for example, Toyota Corolla 2012. Below the make and model, you will be able to see the overall rating of the car out of 10, for example, 5/10. This rating provides a holistic idea about the health of the vehicle.


Car Details

Thereafter, if you scroll down, you will see further details of the car. These details include the customer’s name, engine capacity, mileage, transmission type, inspection date, chassis number, engine type, registration number, fuel type, color, location, and registration city. Over here, make sure that the chassis number on the report matches the one labeled on the vehicle.


Eight Main Areas

Scrolling down further will reveal eight main areas of the car and their respective health or condition. You will see the percentage of figures and colored lines that show the health of that car areas. This helps you in determining which parts are the most faulty ones and can create a problem for you in the future.


If you want to go deeper into these eight aspects of the car and need more information, scroll down, and you can find that. There is a switch labeled “view faults only.” If you turn in on (blue), it will only show those parts that contain faults. Otherwise, you will get information on every part, whether it is faulty or not.


When you click on the “+” sign, you will see a detailed overview of that area of the vehicle. For example, in the “engine/transmission/clutch,” you will be able to see pictures showing the condition of the engine oil. Similarly, there are images attached to every aspect of this category. These images also have date and time stamps. Alongside each image, you will also see whether that aspect of the car is damaged or not.


Exterior and Body

To better comprehend the exterior and body part of the report, look at the skeleton of the car under the exterior condition heading. Different parts of the skeleton are labeled, for example, A1 or A2. Below the picture of the skeleton of the car, you will find a legend that shows the meaning of these labels. Consult the legend to better understand the skeleton of the car. Once you take the cursor on to a label, it will show you a small picture of that part so that you can see the fault. If you click on it, you can see more images. All of the labels signify a fault like a dent or a scratch on the body of the vehicle.



Scrolling down to the exterior and body category, you will see further details like those related to cosmetics. These include things like front windshield condition, headlights, taillights, etc.

Car Tires

The condition of tires is also a good metric to measure the health of a car. You can expand the portion of the tire by clicking on the “+” sign. Here you can see the condition of each of the four tires and the spare wheel of the car. The metric shows how much remaining life is there in percentage terms. You can also see the tire brand at the bottom. Tire size and rims (steel or alloy) are also mentioned here.


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Test Drive

Another important thing to look into in the report is the test drive section. Here you will see what the mechanic experienced about different aspects of the test drive. For example, to assess the braking performance of the car, you can look into how the ABS worked during the test drive.

test drive

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Anything that does not get included in the report, we mention it in the comments section. For example, there can be a fault in the clutch plate or wheel bearing. You must take a look at the comments to get ending remarks about the car.


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If you find it difficult to read or comprehend the car inspection report, you can consult with the regional managers present in all three regions of PakWheels. Moreover, you can also contact us at 042 111 943 357 to resolve your queries.

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Stay tuned for more guidance content and drop your thoughts in the comments section below.

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