Car Accident Claims the Life of a Pakistani Football Star

Shahlyla Ahmadzai Baloch, Pakistani Women football team’s striker, passed away in a tragic car crash Wednesday night in Karachi. Baloch was sitting on the passenger seat, when the driver lost control of the car and hit a pole in Karachi’s DHA Phase VIII area.

Baloch, 20, last represented Pakistan at the South Asian Football Federation Women Football Championship 2014. She also played as a striker for the Baluchistan United FC in the domestic circuit. She was awarded as the best player of Pakistan in 2009, 2011, and 2013.

“She represented Pakistan and was a role model for many girls. Today Shahlyla Baloch died in a car accident. What a shocking news,” shared on their Facebook page.

Kaleemullah Khan, a renowned Pakistani footballer who plays for Tulsa Roughnecks FC, wrote on his Facebook: “What a shocking news. She represented Pakistan and was a role model for many girls. All our condolences to her family.”




It is indeed a sad day for many of us that we had to say goodbye to Shahlyla Baloch, who managed to inspire and win the hearts of Pakistani females, despite her young age.

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  • Umar

    Very sad news. What I wonder is that this accident could’ve been avoided if the car is fitted with safety equipment which is standard in other countries but not here. I know there is no 100% safe vehicle but standard airbags is a good start.

  • sad news indeed.

  • Osman

    Sad news…

  • Guest

    What happened to the driver?

    The car wrapped around the pole completely T-boned from the passenger’s side.

    It will soon be converted into “jaaayyyyniannnn gadddii” and worth more than it was bought for but sadly human life once lost never comes back.

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    Yeah but if you drive like this, recklessly, I think no car with airbags can save you. Condolences with her family

  • Guest again

    Automatically blaming the driver without knowing for sure?

    Drunk driving and reckless driving is common in that area, but it is our national hobby to immediately blame the driver’s skills and over-speeding.

    Even in the Airblue ABQ-202 crash report, they simply said that pilot slammed the plane into the mountainside despite having no reason to do so.

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    Ab 60 ki speed pe to is tarah kay accident honay se rahay.
    Obviously we dont have the kind of roads nor the cars with which we try to be cheeky with and risk our lives

  • Shahid Mehmood

    you always drive the car at 60kmh? i dont think so the road they are talking about 100 km is even comfortable drive. it maybe some other person who slammed into the car or some pedestrian who was crossing the road at that time.

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    yeah that is also possible. Did we find out the actual story yet?

  • § }{

    While I am not an expert on how effective airbags are in reducing the likelihood of injury/loss of life/limb…I would not want to avoid raising a moral concern:

    Providing safety features is a moral responsibility, if you can do more to minimize loss of life/limb/injury, there needs to be an active law balancing the need to extract a profit margin and the better interests of the consumer. Hell…it is easy to blame the driver in such instances, but even at 60 kmph, an accident caused by ANY reason is a threat to the passengers in our local cars….and it is a problem because there is a SOLUTION.

    I blame the automobile companies for their lack of empathy and moral integrity in this regard, secondly the automobile association of Pakistan decries the import of Japanese vehicles but does not seem to have the decency to catch up with decade(s) old safety standards? Is it just about the bottom line for them? Expensive leather seats, modulo kits, cruise control and other luxury options make it to the market first….but even the option of having airbags….hmmm….

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    yeah you’re right if we look at it like that. But try to understand my point of view: Airbags or not, it is also our moral responsibility that we are not a danger to our aswell as others lives and property isn’t it?
    But yeah I blame the govt for not enforcing strict safety standards we are already decades behind.

  • § }{

    It surely is..I especially agree with the moral responsibility of not being a danger to others…perhaps that is a powerful argument in favour of stricter laws and punishments against over-speeding….alas had we been perfectly rational, there would not need be for any seat belt, speeding, or reckless driving laws?

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    True. Good discussion

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    I have crashed my car at 60kmh head on but yeah could be lethal for the person in front of me.
    I understand your point though.