Car sales surge despite the consecutive price hike in Pakistan

The Q1 of 2018 has seen a great increase in the locally assembled vehicles prices consecutively, yet there is no effect on the sales. And according to the monthly sales results by Pakistan Automotive Manufacturer Association (PAMA), there is a significant difference in the sales percentage of March 2017 and 2018.

However, for the first time, we could see that Honda has outpaced Toyota by selling more units in March 2018. Honda sold 4,665 units of Civic and City in March 2018 compared to Corolla‘s 4,642 units in the same month. Cumulatively, the monthly sales of passenger cars rose by 3.7% month-on-month to 18,988 (March’18) units from 18,295 units in March’17. The sales of 4×4 and 4×2 category have seen a major jump with the launch of Honda BR-V, and from 243 total units sold in March 2017 to 1,133 units sold in March 2018, the total percentage increase is 366% in the said category. Moreover, the sales of motorcycles and three-wheelers increased by 10% month-on-month to 153,051 units sold from 138,877 (March 2017).

But comparing the data of sold passenger cars between Jan-Mar 2018 and Jan-Mar 2017, you will find there was a decline of -2.9% between the two years (Jan-Mar 2018 26,824 VS Jan-Mar 2017 27,643). Although the rest of the cars got sold pretty much in expected numbers, Corolla, however, underperformed in March 2018.


Honda City and Civic:

The total units of Honda City and Civic sold were 4,665 in March 2018 and if we compare the total sales from last year March 2017, there is a 23% increase in the sales of Honda City and Civic on a month-on-month basis.

Suzuki Swift:

The sales of Suzuki Swift on month-on-month basis has increased up to 13% with a jump from 408 to 461 total units sold in March.

Toyota Corolla:

If compared to the sales of the same month last year, Toyota’s sales fell by 10% in March 2018. The total units sold in March 2018 were 4642.

Suzuki Cultus and Wagon R:

In 1000 cc category, the total no. of Suzuki Cultus sold in March 2018 were 1927 and the car has seen 14% sales increase from last year same month.

However, Suzuki Wagon R has only seen 3% increase in the sales, going from 1783 to 1835 on a month-on-month basis. 

Faw V2:

The sales of Faw V2 has increased by 16% in March 2018. If compared to the last month i.e. February 2018 when the total units sold were 259, Al-Haj Faw sold 303 units of Faw V2 in March.

Suzuki Mehran:

In March 2018, the total no. of Mehran sold were 3899 with a jump of 3% month-on-month basis. Last year in the same month, the total no. of Mehran sold were 3774.



This year in March, the total no. of bikes sold were 108,736 with a jump of 27% from the total no. of bikes sold in the same month of last year, which was 85,355.  


With 25% increase from the last year same month (1562), the total no. of Suzuki bikes sold in March 2018 were 1964.


Yamaha sales increased by 99% month-on-month in March. This year in March, the total units sold were 1817.

United Auto Motorcycle

In the same month last year, United sold 26,688 units and this year it has sold 34,693 units, achieving the high sales by 30% month-on-month.

**Disclaimer: This data is taken from the website of PAMA, and PakWheels will not be responsible for any discrepancy in the given data.

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  1. that is has beaten toyota....for the first time in that is something have finally beaten toyota at their turf...this is unbelievable...who could have thought...

  2. Misleading headline. Impact of price hike will come after 5-6 months. Current sales figures quoted in the article are based on bookings made 4-7 months earlier, before the price hike.

    Bookings being made after price hike are quite low and their impact will be witnessed starting from sales in August/Sept 2018.

    Already the own amounts and the delivery times have reduced, both are demand indicators. For example, Civic which was booked in Oct/Nov last year had delivery date of 31-May-18. However, now I've seen a case that delivery date of Civic booked in March (before the second price hike) is 31-July. Expecting it to decrease even further.

  3. Interesting news! I read somewhere that Pakistan is the largest market for Toyota Corolla in Asia. The country has great potential to progress, let's hope we get better leadership to guide us.

  4. Let's hope this shock to someone somewhere benefits the customers :smile:

  5. the argument is still there that combined sales of Honda civic and city are compared with the sales of corolla only, and dont forget that IMC cancelled a significant amount of more than 1000 orders in order to discourage premium practices, so this is the story for march only...

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