The Car Culture of Peshawar – An Overview of Cars In Peshawar

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The land of brave Pukhtoons, Peshawar, is the capital of KPK. Since I haven’t been much to Peshawar, I’m not well aware of the customs and traditions of the city, apart from its image that is depicted to the people living outside of it. All I know about Peshawar is, it is full of automotive parts due to some obvious reasons.

The Car Culture of Peshawar is very exciting. It would be pretty safe to state that the cars in Peshawar are the most epic and immense cars that are categorized as tuners. The social updates now days instantly let us know about a new car or tuner and those news are 60% from Peshawar. The thing about Peshawari’s is that, they are very active in every regard. They take no time in revamping a very old car into a new with with dozens of new goodies and they would easily make it a show stopper.

From low riding Honda, to a flame spitting Mazda, Peshawar has it all. I haven’t much heard about a new Jaguar or a Bentley in Peshawar but I’ve very much heard about a custom made Volkswagen or a sleek looking Mazda RX7.

The auto workshops we have here in Lahore are usually filled with a lot of local cars with petty issues to be resolved but this image below is from a workshop in Peshawar which, well, see it for yourself:

Car Culture of Peshawar

The cars in Peshawar, according to me, are the most exciting throughout the country. I agree that Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi have more exotics but COME ON! Look at the love these people put in to make these cars. They might not be costly but the amount of work and affection is put into the making of these machines, the Peshawari’s deserve a big round of applause! Moreover, a significant amount of 4×4’s are also seen on the streets Peshawar.

So, we conclude on the note that the Car Culture of Peshawar is based on the tuning category of vehicles and they portray a better and improving image of Pakistan in the automotive world internationally.

A few images below are attached for your pleasure (image courtesy: Peshawar Street Racing Facebook)

Car Culture of Peshawar Car Culture of Peshawar Car Culture of Peshawar Car Culture of Peshawar Car Culture of Peshawar Car Culture of Peshawar Car Culture of Peshawar Car Culture of Peshawar Car Culture of Peshawar

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  1. Umar says


  2. Nabeel Aslam says

    U missed many rides !

  3. M.A Khan says

    yyeesss Peshwar rocks 😛
    mostly 92 Honda
    95 honda
    they are honda lover
    95 Corolla
    they spend a lot of money to make cars always appeling
    eye catching

  4. Fahad Mehmood says

    If I start naming each one of them, It’ll take a long time!

    Just an over view, the reader should get the idea.

  5. Mani says

    peshawar city of mazada rx7 and mazda rx8 <3
    not from peshawar

  6. Aamir Bashir says

    Peshawar is great place here u would be able to see every car that starts from 1960’s-1970’s Buick & chevys, cadillcs to a bad ass Mercs, beemers, lexus, RX7, RX8, and the list goes on … It is more amazing to make and old car looks attractive rather then new cars …. Here if u ever visit the hujra of Khans of Mardan and Nawabs of Hoti u wud be amazed to see some luxury classics totally in original conditions ….

  7. Usman Shah says

    I think of all the cities in lahore, pesh has the advantage in terms of access to imported goodies, however, nonetheless.. i think their taste is exquisite and it very well deserved a special article in the blog.. the souped up cars from pesh are definitely of such class, they can well represent pakistan on international forums (and they have)..

  8. Wasif Bhatti says

    Also you’ll find Corolla’s from 90’s in awsome condition. They are like hot cakes over there. I think better resale value than Mehran.

  9. Syed Muhammad Abbas says

    My neighbor owns a Mazda Rx8 with a very tastefully modified 97 civic & 96 rolla he easily agrees to sell his rx8 but not his other 2 ladies so yeah its true Peshawar a place where you’ll mostly find tastefully modified classics .

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