Car Profiles: The classic and modern intervention in ED9 Civic

Car enthusiast come in all types you could imagine, Vintage, classic, off-roaders, modification, JDM, car detailing, speed freaks, etc etc, it is a vast culture which hasn’t been explored to its full extent, one of the most diverse cultures should be automotive enthusiasts.

These days though, all young people want to build a car that stands out in the crowd for various factors, including speed and looks. Spawned off by either F&F or NFS, most people have imagination but since this is an expensive hobby, many aren’t able to afford it and do it in a bad way but some really keep in mind what building a dream car truly is. Working at North Rides brought me closer to some of those people that truly realize the worth of building a race car or a show car.

One of these cars I came along belonged to Saghar Abbas. A classic Honda civic of the 90’s era given a modern touch. The first time I opened the door of this car, I had in my mind the idea that this is a true car enthusiast’s ride. The door opens and closes like a new out of the showroom car and this is the real determination shown by the owner towards an old car restoration.

Most people do not realize that when converting a sedan into a sports car, everything needs to be done perfectly mechanically so that the car can give you full performance. Putting a 1300cc engine in a Daihatsu Charade will make it go fast but is the engine giving you full power along with those old tyres, heavy rims, old set of suspension, and is the braking power adequate?


This Honda Civic is a 1990 model, better known as ED9 Civic, it came in many trims in the world at its time. This one though, is a fourth generation Honda Civic and has been given a facelift.

The details on this particular civic are exactly how they should be and are as follows:


A custom bake paint of Aqua Green color was done on the car to enhance the look of the car and give it a lively touch.


In the performance division, a B16A engine with OBD0, custom headers with air intake, down piping, D2 suspension and HKS Exhaust was installed to make it produce 160hp which help in pushing this car to over 180kph in just a matter of seconds.


Moreover it has a proper setup of D2 suspension and light weight rims which helps it gain more grip to the ground along with the low profile tyres. The car is no doubt lowered to the ground more than the normal civic but the bumps on road are not felt much inside as it is a proper racing suspension.


A 24 year old car at some point needs an interior rebuilt but owner kept the interior very neat and clean and is pretty much in its original & stock condition.


The first time I rode this car I had my intestines in my gut. The extreme acceleration in the first, second gear throws you in the back of your seat with a good amount of G forces applying all over your body!

A good car in my opinion is that which isn’t just fast, rather you enjoy driving it at any speeds for that matter. The whole package makes it stand out to be a great car while just a bigger, fatter engine in your Charade.