5 Most Popular Imported Cars in Pakistan


In fiscal year 2011-2012, used cars worth 22.5 billion Rupees were imported in Pakistan. Pakistan’s local auto industry received a severe setback with the influx of imported cars, as they were better in all aspects. Since the escalation of imported cars from the fiscal year 2011-2012, there are some cars which have become immensely prevalent. Here’s a list of top five most imported cars in Pakistan:

660cc – Daihatsu Mira and Suzuki Alto

DSC01911 1343407857_420119654_3-Suzuki-Alto-2007-Fresh-import-Islamabad

Mira car and Alto are some best options in 660cc horse power. The price of both these cars kept on increasing since the influx of imported cars. And to be very practical, these cars are better than local cars in same budget. Other 660cc cars like Daihatsu move, Suzuki Cervo and Nissan Moco have also gained buyer’s attention to some extent but Mira and Alto were the best selling cars in this category probably due to more resale and availability of spare parts.

1000cc – Toyota Vitz and Passo


Although, Vitz was on importer’s wish list since 2005 and was probably one of the first Japanese cars that became popular in the local market along with Toyota Platz and Belta. Toyota Passo became a great counter part of Toyota Vitz with much improved fuel economy. But its chubby look did not let Vitz’s sale to reduce to a significant extent although it was much cheaper than Vitz.

1500cc -Toyota Prius


Toyota Prius has seriously made breakthroughs in local market by its leading edge shape, accessories, and most importantly its hybrid specifications. Back in 2012 and 2013, Toyota Axio was available in same price tag but without hybrid specifications. Toyota Axio lost its market after government banned the influx of cars older than 3 years. As 3 years old Toyota Axio was way more expensive than Toyota Prius. Toyota Prius also gained sales potential due to slashed off import duties for hybrid cars.

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