Car Salesman Humiliates ‘Poor’ Farmer, He Takes Revenge!

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In an incident, which seems out of some story, an Indian farmer came back with the money to buy an SUV after being humiliated by a car salesman. According to media reports, a farmer went to a dealership but the salesman made fun of him and his friends over their attire. “He told me that you want to buy the car worth Rs. 10 lakh but you don’t have even Rs. 10 in your pocket,” the farmer told media.

As per the farmer, the salesman challenged him to bring the cash within an hour and buy the car. “I and my companions came back within half an hour but salesman couldn’t deliver the car,” the farmer alleged. This followed a verbal clash between the dealership staff and the farmer.

The video of incident spread on social media causing a stir online as the people criticized the showroom and their dealing with the farmer.

Video Credits: Brut India

After the incident, the victim also registered an application against the showroom staff. However, the issue was resolved amicably after salesman and other staff issued a written apology. Furthermore, the car company also condemned the incident as its owner stated that company’s “core value is to uphold the dignity of the individual.”

Hopefully the salesman will learn his lesson from this incident and will not humiliate anyone over their attire and appearance. As they say, never judge a book by its cover.


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  1. Khurram says

    Well, this video shows other aspects, one even Indian farmers are richer than an average Pakistani and can afford a car. Second, living simply is what our Nabi Allahimusalam taught us, yet, the general Pakistanis at-least need to learn it as well as this Indian in order to rid the country off the ballooning trade deficit.

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