Booking for Peugeot 2008 is now OPEN!

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After releasing the price and specs and features of Peugeot 2008, the company has announced that the booking of this B-Segment crossover SUV is now open. On its official website, Lucky Motors has asked the buyers to book the car now. The process of online booking has also been given on the page.

How to Book the Car? 

You have to select your variant, add your personal information and then select your city. You can also visit your nearby dealership of Peugeot Pakistan to book your car. According to the website there are 8 dealerships across the country. There are 2 in Karachi, 2 in Lahore, and one each in Gujranwala, Islamabad, Sialkot and Faisalabad. So, hurry up and book the new Peugeot 2008 today.

It is pertinent to mention that the company has not revealed the delivery time of the car, as yet.

Price of Peugeot 2008

The car has been launched in two variants and there prices are:

Differences between Variants

As per the company:

  • The base variant, Active, comes with 4 airbags, while the top variant, Allure has 6 airbags. 
  • The cluster in the base variant is 10-inch Quartz compared to 10-inch 3D in the top variant.
  • Active variant doesn’t have Panoramic Sunroof, which has been offered in the Allure.
  • The seats in the base variant are Fabric ones with orange stitching and Allure has TEP seats with grey stitching.
  • The front grille is made of glass in the base variant, while the top variant comes with chrome front grille.
  • The finger tip controls in Active are Radio + Bluetooth, while in Allure you can control Radio + Bluetooth + Cruise Control.

The new car is surely a good addition in the local market, however, there will be questions about the price of the car. Although it is a B-Segment crossover, still it is a bit expensive than the C-Segment Kia Sportage.

What do you think about the car? Do you think its price is justified? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


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1 Comment
  1. Waqas says

    What an overexagerated price. Clearly want to loot people.
    To be clear in Peugeot ” suv” lineup we have the 2008, 3008 and 5008 in order from the smallest to the biggest.
    This 2008 is in the same segment as Kia Stonic, MG ZS and the maybe launch of Proton X-50.
    This 2008 is a sub-compact “suv” and priced as a compact “SUV”.
    Dear people don’t buy this, it is the worst, knowing how bad are their enngine.
    And don’t think Peugeot is premium is only a mid-range Brand, it was the words of Carlos Tavares himself.
    And to add :
    If you want a durable car avoid this brand.
    If you want a reliable car avoid this brand.
    If you want a confortable car avoid this brand.
    Otherwise you will spend a lot of money in repairs and the car will meet his end quickly.
    Every pothole you will feel it well as well jump, this car is bad for long travel road.
    If they are people who speak french i will gladly send you source talking about the is

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