When should a Car’s Fuel Injectors be cleaned?

Many people are doubtful about whether or not they need to use injector cleaners to clean the injector system of their cars. It is a good practice to get your fuel injector cleaned. But before you get your car’s injector cleaned, it is important to know, how an injector works and when it is the ideal time to get it cleaned.


How do the Fuel Injectors Work?

Fuel injectors basically spray fuel with pressure into the engine. Fuel is pressurized and pumped through electronically controlled or fixed openings, which spray the fuel into the engine. The sprayed fuel ignites easily and burns efficiently. An injector starts decreasing in performance when the openings start getting blocked by the deposits made by the burning fuel. The deposits in the openings make the sprayed fuel inconsistent and affect the performance of the car.

Some symptoms of blocked fuel injectors include:

  • Difficultly in starting the engine
  • Rough idle
  • Decreased fuel efficiency

When should you get your car’s fuel injector serviced?

It is recommended to get your car’s fuel injector cleaned after at least every 36 months or about 70,000 km of use. Many engine parts can be changed and one might not feel any noticeable change in the car’s performance, however soon after a fuel injector is cleaned, one can immediately feel the change in a car’s performance.


How to maintain and keep the injector clean for a longer time?

Cars built after 2004 hardly require fuel injector cleaning, because they are designed with newer injector systems and today’s fuel additives also reduce the amount of deposits that the burning fuel produces. Fuel injector cleaners can be used to clean the injector of a car. Some mechanics also recommend using fuel injector cleaners after about 6000 km of mileage.

It’s always good to know when your car needs fuel injection cleaning, in order to improve the performance of your car and to avoid unnecessary hassles with it.

Please share your fuel injector cleaning experience with us and let us know about your findings about how soon this practice should be done by EFI car owners?

Samiullah Sharief

Samiullah Sharief is a car enthusiat. He is passionate about writing blogs and reviews about cars. His hobbies are driving,watching TV Shows like Top Gear, Mega Factories and he follows Popular car magazines. You can reach out to him by tweeting @sami649

  • Guest

    This amount of coking can only happen in a direct injection engine.

    The conventional injectors are usually behind the intake valve, and choke due to impurities in the fuel itself.

  • danish

    has anyone here tried fuel injector cleaners and noticed and difference in the car performance ?

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    I get them cleaned on every 2nd tuning and oil change which is after a total of 5000kms

  • kingMAK

    Do you change the engine oil every 2500 Kms? Which vehicle do you own?

  • Mohammad Saad Munawar

    An informative article, I haven’t used a fuel injector cleaner before. Local mechanics recommend getting a fuel injector cleaned once a year. I think it depends on the quality of fuel

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    Yes every 2500km on both Baleno (2005) and Corolla (2013) sometimes it goes to 3000 due to my laziness


    my mehran car having stuttering after 80 kph and fuel smell on starting. Not getting speed more than 60 kph on cng. please any body suggest……


    My mehran car having stuttering after 80 kph and fuel smell on starting. Not getting speed more than 60 kph on cng. please any body suggest me somthing….

  • Ozair Nazir

    Yes, I get my service done every 5000 kms from an authorized 3S Toyota dealer, for my Corolla 2013 1300 CC GLi. They recommend fuel injector every 10,000 kms.