Audi A3 e-Tron Sales Are Hitting The Target, Claims Audi

Audi has turned the page in last few years with the design and technology involved in the designing and assembly of its cars. The German luxury car company has seen some great success throughout the globe. And the story is similar in Pakistan as well when Audi Pakistan has to work extra hard to not only make a name for themselves but also break loyal Mercedes-Benz and BMW customers. Its new A3 has been praised worldwide.

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And since almost every other company has jumped on the hybrid and electric bandwagon, it was only natural the German automaker will try their luck with technology as well. Audi has named its plug-in hybrid technology E-Tron. Recently Audi revealed that 13% of its A3 that has been sold during the last year were its E-Tron plug-in hybrids.

The percentage rate is quite fine for now. Audi has already mentioned that it wants one-fourth of its global sales to be its hybrid electric vehicles by 2025. And Audi is already in the process of updating and changing its car lineup. The new generation of several vehicles are in the pipeline including its flagship Audi A8 which will also come with the autonomous driving feature. The new 2017 Audi A3 has already been praised for its updated design. However, the technical specs haven’t changed much. The 2017 A3 still has the same 1.4L engine that can deliver a combined power of 205 hp and 257 lb-ft of torque along with the electric motor. The car is no slouch and can do 0 to 100 kilometer per hour in 7.6 seconds.