Changan Alsvin Vs. Honda City Aspire-A Comparison 

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In this article, we are bringing a comparison between Changan Alsvin Lumiere and Honda City Aspire Prosmatec. These are the 1500cc top-of-the-line variants of both Sedans, and we will compare their salient features and specs.

So, without any further, here is the comparison.

Engine-Changan Alsvin Vs. Honda City Aspire

The Changan Alsvin has 1480cc engine, producing 105hp and 145Nm Torque, while City Aspire has 1497cc engine, with 120hp and 145Nm Torque. This means that City produces more horsepower, while torque is the same in both sedans.


The Changan’s Sedan has 5-Speed Auto Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT), while Honda has installed 5-Speed Automatic Transmission in its car. It is pertinent to mention that DCT is the latest transmission, as compared to its simple automatic.

Infotainment System: 

Changan has 7-inch infotainment system, while City comes with 8-inch touchscreen.

Airbags-Changan Alsvin Vs. Honda City Aspire:

Alsvin comes with 2 airbags,  while Honda City does not offer this feature in it. 

Rear Camera and Parking Sensors: 

The Alsvin has both, i.e., Rear Camera and Parking Sensors, while City Aspire doesn’t have these features. These features have made Alsvin more modern and safer.

Fog Lamps:

The Honda City Aspire comes with fog lamps, while Changan has not offered this feature in its  vehicle.


Changan is offering Electronic Sunroof in its sedan; meanwhile, City Aspire doesn’t have this feature.

Headlights-Changan Alsvin Vs. Honda City Aspire:

The new entrant has Adjustable Halogen Front Lamps, while City Aspire comes with simple Halogen Lamps.

Cruise Control: 

The Changan has installed Cruise Control in Alsvin, mean you can enjoy a smooth ride on highways after setting a speed at a specific point. Meanwhile, Honda City Aspire does not offer this feature.


The price of this Alsvin Lumiere is Rs2,549,000. Meanwhile, the price of Honda City Aspire is  Rs2,859,000. It is pertinent to mention that the price of Alsvin’s top variant is almost equal to Honda City’s base variant, as Honda’s car costs Rs24,49,000, means Alsvin is only Rs1-lac expensive.

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