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Today, we are here with the first look review of Pakistan’s cheapest Electric Vehicle named Rinco Aria. Nayyar Motors have imported the entry-level hatchback, and currently, they are only selling CBUs. The EV global market is rising, and Pakistan is trying to catch it up. The only issue with the EVs in Pakistan was that most cars like Audi e-tron and BMW iX are high-end cars, but the issue could be resolved with cars like Aria.

The car is engineered and designed in the US but manufactured in China. And size-wise, you can compare it with Suzuki Wagon R.

Price of Rinco Aria

The company is selling this car in Rs. 24 lacs, out of the total Rs. 4.5 lacs are duties, so without duties, it can cost below Rs. 20 lacs.


This EV has a single-motor lithium battery with a range of up to 200 kilometers per full charge if you drive it in ECO mode. In sports mode, its range comes down to 120-30 kilometers on a full charge.

Exterior Looks

From the front, it quite looks like a European car, especially Fiat 500. The headlights are halogen with the intended pattern in the front. Then you have a honeycombed radiator grille in black color. The overall front look is very curvy and modern.

On the side, you will see 13-inch alloy wheels, non-retractable side view mirrors with indicators and a character line from the front fender to the rear. The side profile is quite basic but doesn’t feel old. You can buy Rinco Aria in seven different colors, including a dual-tone option.

The rear look also resembles European cars, and you will see big-sized halogen brake lamps. The bumper has reflectors and reverse light. The car’s most important feature is its reverse parking sensors, which are not offered in any other vehicle in this segment. You will also find a reverse camera in the car.

Boot Space 

The boot space of the Aria is quite similar to Suzuki Alto. In the trunk, you will find the car’s charger in a package. Furthermore, you can increase the boot space by folding the rear seats.

Interior of Rinco Aria

There are two interior color options: rust and gray. This specific car has the rust one. The car’s design is very modern, especially its digital infotainment touchscreen, with all modern options like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Meanwhile, the instrument cluster gives all essential information, including battery percentage, speed, range, etc.

The seats’ cushioning is very comfortable, and they are 4-way manually adjustable. The interior quality is good, but time will tell about its durability.

The legroom in the rear seats is also very good, and as the car has a quite high roof, there is no issue with headroom.


The EV has basic features, including power steering, power windows, and central locking. The gear selection is very simple and unique as the company has installed buttons for the drive, reverse and neutral.

Under these buttons, there are all controls for AC. The handbrake is manual, and you get the vanity mirror only on the driving side. Then you have buttons for headlight adjustment, sports mode, and trunk opening.

Driving Modes

Under the ECO drive mode, the car’s maximum speed is 60km/hour, while in sports mode, the speed goes up to 100km/hour.

Safety Features of Rinco Aria

There are no airbags in the car; but it has ABS, seatbelts, and an ISOFIX child seat in the rear.


The company claims that this car reaches 0 to 100 in 9-10 seconds which is excellent in its segment.

Battery Life of Rinco Aria

The average battery life is 7-8 years; however, Nayyar Motors gives a 3-year warranty on this battery.

Booking and Delivery 

The partial booking payment is Rs. 12 lacs, and limited stock is ready for delivery in four colors. After that, the car will be delivered in 4-5 months.


Rinco Aria is the cheapest EV in Pakistan, but its performance and aftersales will majorly affect its success. This is an excellent choice for people with small families, focusing on fuel saving.

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