China bans over 550 car models

China has become very active in its fight against pollution, but this move is still one of the biggest and boldest played by the Chinese government. In its fight against the notorious smog in Beijing and other cities, China has ordered the ban on sales of 553 car models from 1st of January. These car models are selected specifically for being inefficient fuel-consumers and having the worst effect on the environment. According to a news report, China Vehicle Technology Service Center released the list of car models whose sales were to be banned by the start of 2018.

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China has been very active in tackling pollution factors around the country. Bold decisions like implementing curbs to steel production industry, the imposition of tight coal usage quotas, and actively invest and discourage production of vehicles powered by fossil fuel. Even after being so active in this fight for almost five years now, this is the first time where the government has named specific models of cars to be banned in the country.

Wang Liusheng, an analyst from China Merchants Securities, said in an email to a news outlet that surfacing of such documents will become more frequent as China is still not done pushing back the pollution. Liusheng also claimed that these measures are necessary to ensure healthy industrial growth in the long run.

The extensive measures taken by China are also showing positive results. Beijing is said to record the biggest improvement in air content quality in about ten years with predictions of 20% positive change this year. The air quality is measured by average concentration levels of PM2.5, a hazardous breathable particle. This dramatic change has been recorded all across Northern China and has been made possible due to Chinese government’s extensive efforts and favorable weather conditions in the last three months.

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