Chinese automaker copies the Land Rover Defender’s concept

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Beijing Auto Works is a company which sells cheap SUVs, is now working on a new SUV which upon first glimpse, may seem like a poor rendering of the upcoming Land Rover DC100 concept which is said to be the replacement of the age old, legendary Defender.

We’re quite amused that even while rendering a concept vehicle, BAW which is a subsidiary of BAIC could not resist to copy a concept vehicle.

This new SUV, which is called ‘Zhanqi’, means ‘War Falg’, and presuming from what Chinese media is reporting, might very well be the civilian use version of the military oriented 4×4 code named ‘B80V’.

Not a awful lot of information is available as of now about the SUV but China sure lacks automotive designers.

Land Rover DC100 Concept:

BAIC Zhanqi Concept:

Chinese automaker copies the Land Rover Defender's concept

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  1. Saqib Awan says

    nic concept

  2. Arsalan Saqib says


  3. Jehanzaib Tahir says

    very niceeeeee I like it soo much whts the price.

  4. Saad Abbasi says


  5. Nabeel Aslam says

    well nice try but no match with defennder DC100.

  6. Rai Amir says

    Looks gud but is it available in the markit and for how much…

  7. Habib Arshad says

    Nice shape

  8. Arsalan Saqib says

    Love u pakwheels

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