OGRA recommends complete ban on CNG for use in private cars

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The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), put forward a proposal infront of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Petroleum and Natural Resources recommending that only rickshaws, taxis and public buses should be allowed to run on CNG, while all private cars should be transferred to petrol.

The recent CNG loadshedding and increase in price per kg of CNG was part of a strategy to end the use of CNG as a fuel in private cars. Minister for Petroleum Dr Asim Hussain, earlier this year presented the government’s plan to gradually phase out CNG sector in a time-frame of couple of years, however, it seems like the government has increased the pace of it’s plan and may just ban sooner.

The Standing Committee of the National Assembly agreed to OGRA‘s proposal and has said that a six-month deadline be given to the users of CNG to switch to Petrol or other alternatives.

The committee also urged to the CNG association to reopen their filling stations assuring them that tax tariff of stations and other industries will be made uniform.

However, prices of other alternative, LPG are not even governed and are ridiculously high.

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  1. Farhan Akram says

    Why don't you Mr. Asim nuke the poor and finish this crap once and for all?

  2. Saleem Sadiq says

    kon sa gd decision bhai already rent petrol ka la raha hain van wala or cng pa chal raha hain, comercial garyon
    pa ban hona chya bs

  3. Umar Rajput says

    we have enough gas resources but me nd the pakistani people dnt want to que very thing on right path.

  4. Tahir Rasheed says

    cng bilkul band ho jani chahiay.

  5. Yasir Mansoor says

    CNG associations pays 80.1 billion tax which includes Rs.7/kg of Gas Development Charges, but none of the measures have been taken to assure investment in sindh or anyother part of this country!

  6. Ahmed Hembel says

    Logo ko b to chaska laga wa ha ap bhai gari choti rkh lo chalao to petrol pe…. Esa esa shiekh b ha is mulk me k prado le k chalata cng pe ha… Ap corolla le lo yr mgr .petrol pe chalao. cng se aur bht kam ho skte hn.

  7. Mustafa Iftekhar says

    han druth

  8. Mohammad Salman Yousaf says

    Big oil Tycoons are wining, what they wanted. Now they can import it.. Great keep it up pak GOV.

  9. Mustafa Iftekhar says

    yar cng khatam kar lo o is pay jo kharcha ata hay wo laga k awam ko petrol sasta beechoo.

  10. Mansoor Qadir Siddiqui says

    Sir its not the problem that who is driving his car on what…the problem is that our High ups are just ……..
    Dont they even know our problems…what we demand is that proper check on various route's rent should be maintained…And as far as private sector cars are concerned, some policy should must be introduced…Where will these cng kits and mechanics will go…This whole business of billions will just get wasted.??

  11. Ikram Ullah says

    os ye khwand uke.. 😛

  12. Muhammad Saif Ul Haq says

    Pagal government this should be other way around, ban should be imposed on public vehicles because they consume a lot more than private and they include petrol price in transportation cost/fees/fares, it should be allowed in private cars to relief common people.

  13. CNG bhi hamarai liyai nai, Petrol itna mehnga, LPG bhi itni aasani sai muyassar nai, Paani pai gari chalnai hi wali thi wo bhi aik drama nikla, Inko shayad abhi pata nai hai kai hawa ka bhi bara amal dakhal hai fuel ko jalanai mein, pata chal gaya tau hawa bhi bikai gi! JAHIL LEADERS JALI VOTES PER JAMHORIAT CHALA RAHAI HAIN!

  14. Osama Nawaz says

    Here's the whole issue…so listen.
    1.OGRA has agreed to charge CNG industry same rate for gas as they charge other industries. (good news for people as CNG in future will be cheap).
    2.Taxes on CNG are bien reduced to compensate for CNG STATION owners margins.
    3.The catch is that they are going to but ban on cars above 800cc which will be implemented within 1 year from now. CNG STATION owners will be required to report car number to OGRA or relevant gas authorities if a car above 800cc comes for gas filling!

    Every one happy!-:)

  15. Osama Nawaz says

    YUp…..They've revolutionized it….How can u forget???

  16. Anzak Aleem says

    Relief to common ppl means relief on public transport. Because he who buys car should afford to sun on petrol. Which btw is twice the price in other countries then ours. DOing so they should also regulate the public transport fair to releif the common ppl. But those ppl who own cars are privileged people certainly not common ppl. They may be in YOUR lahore or karachi or islamabad. but try going to other parts of the country and try to look into condition or underprivileged people.

  17. Tanzeel Mohsin says

    Agreed with Anzak Aleem…Try to step into public bus one day and know what common people are..!!…They certainly do not own cars..!!

  18. Riaz Ul Hasnain says

    this wont work

  19. Usman Khan says

    Good step by Government!! Agr ek bnda 10,12 lack ki gari rkh skta hai to usko petrol b afford krna chahye agr nai kr skta to public transport pay safar kray!! I appriciate the proposal of OGRA and they should immediately ban private cars that are running on Cng,.

  20. Muhammad Nadeem says

    All my brothers please concentrate on actual issue. Dr. Asim and Rehman Malik are going to introduce LPG in Pakistan because they are the peoples behind the LPG Mafia and they must promote it that's why they are trying to ban cng in Pakistan. Our media also trying to expose the disadvantages of cng but please realise that cng is most dangerous to use in public transport as compare to private cars because our transporters used low grade cylinders that are even banned but they used in public transport. The ratio of fire incidents due the low grade cylinders is very high in public transport as compare to private cars. Some of my friend say that peoples who have the car must run it on petrol but my dear please think about most of the peoples who bye their car with their number of years savings and as you now own conveyance is now basic necessity in our life. So they bare the depreciation of the car with so much difficulties. Please just think about them.

  21. Osama Nawaz says

    i hope it does…..let's hope for the best!!!

  22. Muhammad Nadeem says

    my dear bro i am talking about the peoples who bye their cars below 7 lacs. The only reason for comfortablly travelled their parents and family not for zooming around the streets. So think it positively

  23. Abid Shah says

    public transport mian cng most dengrous hai,, hamari buses already damaged hain.. rooz cylinder phataingay aur poor ppl maraingay…

    buses pehlay hee karaya diesel ka lay rahay hain ur chatt tak loogon ko bhar letay hain…
    agar koi hadsa hota hia to phir police koa paisay detya hain.. aur busssss…..

    car wala to care karta hai apni cng ki aur car ki

    1000 main say 1 car ki chaat main hole ho ga agar ho to

    per public ki to sab buses ki chat tooti hoti hai.. 10 main say 15 kharab hon gi…

    zaara soochoooooo….
    bhar nikal kay 1 ghanta stop per survay karoo aur phir bataoo…
    kiya karain public band karain ya private cars…..

    thanks to all

  24. Muhammad Saif Ul Haq says

    My point was if Government wants to control the CNG demand/supply it should be banned in public vehicles because private vehicle consume very little amount of CNG as compared to public transport, a mini bus in Khi has on average 3* 60 kg cylinders and it has to be filled once/twice daily yet they charge the same fare, on the other hand i can run my car for 3 weeks to 6 weeks in same CNG, think about the impact a private car is making on the demand, its nothing, yes for cars greater than 1300cc, banning CNG can be a option.

  25. Changaiz Khan says

    Then you'll see a Mark X with a 1300cc engine fluttering on isloo roads -__________-

  26. Asghar Ali says

    yaar bhai jaan is govt ka kaam hai awam ko jiss cheez say relief milay uss cheez ko awam say cheen lo hamare mulk main cng ka koi issue hi nai hai yes sirf oil mafia ka kaam hai saari duniya main deisel sasta aur hamaray mulk main mehenga. hamare mulk main gas kay bhandar hain agar 500 saal tak bhi istaimal karain to bhi ALLAH PAK ka bada karam hai hamare mulk par bas in hukumrano ko ALLAHPAK hidayat dy awam kay masail hal karnay ki bajaye un ko badhanay kay chkar main hai yes sirf.

  27. Slasher Dynamitar says

    Completely agree with your Point Mr. Nadeem

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