After CNG And LPG, It Is Time For Electric Rickshaws in Pakistan

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LAHORE: Electric Rickshaws can reduce energy crisis issues in public transportation as CNG becomes a big failure in the country.

In South Asia, Rickshaws are known as the best cheapest mode of public transportation. Pakistan is no different story in this regard. At one time, our roads used to be full of Tangas, Buggies and manual cycle Rickshaws. But with the passage of time, and advancement in tech and engineering, we were able to come up with better and faster modes of mass transportation. Rickshaws were part of that age but it was crude, and loud and bumpy. Travelling in it was a challenge in itself. However, with improvement and refinement in technology, things are changing, for this three wheeler, as well.

However, recently a Japanese company, Zar Motors, has proposed a solution to curb the noise, air pollution and fuel consumption of our beloved rickshaws. Zar has already introduced their solution in countries like Nepal, Mexico, Sri Lanka and couple more.

The solution is very simple. Just like we are seeing E-Cig replacing your everyday tobacco cigarettes, Zar something similar in their minds. They are offering us what they are calling, ‘E-Trike’. It is an electric-powered rickshaw that has the ability to run more than 95 kilometers with fully charged batteries.zar-motors-solar-electric-rickshaw-001

And that is not it. You do not need to charge its batteries with the help of WAPDA’s electricity which has no assurance when it goes and when it comes. E-Trike roof is covered through solar panel that will keep its batteries charging throughout the day.

After its successful launch in other developing countries, it is coming to Pakistan as Zar Motors is planning to begin domestic assembly and sale in Pakistan soon. It will be interesting to see how this e-rickshaw is going to compare to its internal combustion engine counterparts. Those have been in the market for a long time, and have already made their place with respect of spare parts etc. The cost of the new e-rickshaw is definitely going to be higher than the normal rickshaws as well.

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  1. M.Ahmad Nawaz Malik says

    No offense but i don’t think its gonna be successful here in Pakistan (:

  2. Zain Gagra says

    I want to buy one,how can I?

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