CNG price raised by OGRA

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Bullets were rising across skyline of Karachi last night and how can the government stay behind? OGRA has announced a rise in prices of CNG today as a New Year’s gift to everyone.

CNG prices for Region 1 and Region 2 have been revised and are now Rs74 and Rs69 respectively, announced Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) Chairman Saeed Khan on Tuesday.

The decision was taken during a meeting of Economic Coordination Committee’s (ECC) sub-body, which was headed by Law Minister Farooq H Naek.

All Pakistan CNG Association has rejected the new prices and demanded restoration of old profit margin.

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  1. Zaigham Walayat says

    CNG Association will never be happy untill doubled their profit margin. they are behaving like monoplist. If government countinue gas loadshedding of 6 days for CNG stations, then they will start blaming to governemnt for victimization and recently they requested CJ to intervene. They totoally forgot the CJ verdict when CNG Association or if we called it CNG Mafia were asked to stopp looting poor people.
    Common man has no choice either to queup for CNG or for Petrol. Government is so ignorant about these problems we are facing because this evering PM Raja Rental was busing this evening with Cultural Show Gathering.

  2. Syed Muhammad Azam says

    Aha I knew it that all they cared about was their pockets.

  3. Muhammad Zoheb Bilal says

    We need to raise voice once again we should not put the whole responsibility on CJ alone he is bound to many laws and rules he alone can't handle the deteriorating situation of pakistan where are President and Prime Minister and the Ministers !!! CNG MAFIA SUGAR MAFIA etc whom should we go to get the redress al of all issues in pakistan ? :/

  4. Adeel Khan says

    The best way to win over any goverment ignorance is to boycott, there are many countries who have done this to win their verdicts. Wish people can do it here too… I know at time it gets difficult but ultimately the boycotter wins. Remember the price of eggs and chicken when people stopped purchasing it due to SARCS disease, the prices went low… same thing can be done here… I have started running on petrol even though my traveling cost has increased, its still worth it as I save few extra hours of my time.

  5. Talha Malik says

    Enough from CNG Mafia, if this has to happen then I thinks government is doing the right thing by bringing the load shedding to six days a week. Enough is Enough, I will prefer to drive on petrol rather than listening to the demands from CNG mafia.

  6. Kamran Uppal says

    Like many other mafias CNG mafia want to earn abnormal profit. Unfortunately corruption is found behind all problems in Pakistan. The politicians, Govt. officials and CNG mafia have made billion of rupees and now they want to continue it for ever. The commercial vehicles running on CNG but charging fares of diesel on behest of govt. machinery. The current rate of CNG Rs. 54 is still have reasonable profit for cng stations but the mafia might not have been making money out of it. Ist they create artificial shortage then charge price of their own will. No one knows future of this country..

  7. Umer Memon says

    thank god finally 🙂

  8. All Pakistan CNG Association says

    I thank all of ya'll for your input, but I just want to state that the CNG Station owners are also the same public as you are. This is the policy of the government to divide the public; seller vs buyer. Government wants to defame this cheap fuel in order to impose the expensive LPG as a gift for the public. Again install new LPG Cylinders and get LPG filled in your vehicles.

    If anyone of you want any justification, please let me know.

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