CNG price decreased by 30 rupees, notifications issued

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CNG price decreased by Rs30.90/kilo in Potohar, Balochistan and KP while in Sindh and Punjab, it has been decreased by Rs30.38/kilo. New price will be implemented from November 1.

After so many years, Pakistanis are entitled to some good news after Supreme Court said that the pricing mechanism for CNG is illegal and that there is no linkage between petrol and CNG while ordering OGRA to revise prices as soon as possible.

Following orders from Supreme Court, Chairman of Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) Saeed Ahmed Khan submitted a report which stated that the owners were making Rs11 per kg profit on CNG and the operating cost were as low as Rs20 per kg.

Chief justice said while hearing the case that the tariff for consumers should also be determined biannually rather weekly. He observed that Ogra is a regulatory body and as such neither the government nor the court should influence it in its functioning.

CJ further stated that there must be a mechanism under which Ogra should implement its policies as a regulator and should ensure the interests of the consumers.

Moreover, CJ also inquired what made the price of CNG rise from Rs25 to Rs92 per kilogram.

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  1. Muhammad Usman says

    is this true?

  2. Baber Kaleem Khan says

    haha! Pakistanis will remain in a bit of shock and disbelief. Check TV.

  3. Zaeem Khichi says

    Yes its true! Nice step CJ love you ♥.

  4. Syed Haider Ali Jafri says

    good news

  5. Maher Bilal Sanpal says

    Great news

  6. Muhammad Salman Akbar says

    CJP wellldone

  7. Rana Muhammad Khan says

    He has to save his seat

  8. Sikander Khan says

    Good news

  9. Muhammad Bilal Abbasi says

    OMG …..

  10. Usman Ahmad says


  11. Sikander Khan says

    What happened lol

  12. Umar Rajput says

    epic! supreme court slute..

  13. Mohammad Javid says

    This is supremacy of law. We respect Supreme Court and salute.

  14. Afnan Aftab Motiwala says

    this news wont last more than few days…

  15. Sajjad Shah says

    Yeh Good news kuch din k liye hi hai. Jab Election ho jian gain tu yeh good news khatam ho jay gie. Zardari ki next government mai… Keep enjoying. mai tu chala apni Corolla mai CNG fill krwanay.. hahah

  16. Rayyan Masood says

    This means the govt and cng owners were robbing the poor people of pakistan for last many months and years? Lanat on them…

  17. Awais Ahmed says

    c.n.g kit bechny ka aik new plan…gud gud.

  18. Uzair Sardar Khan Khan says

    MASHALLAH after years kuch relief mila.

  19. Sajjad Shah says

    Good News but for a few days. Because government is not decreasing the Tax of CNG pumps owners

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