CNG stations to pay PKR 12bn to government

Yesterday (15-05-2018) a bill has been passed in the Senate of Pakistan which is aimed at recovering PKR 12 billion from the CNG stations. As per the Dawn, Gas Infra­structure Development Cess (GIDC) amendment bill has been passed by the Senate after settling the amount to be paid by the CNG stations.

The bill has been harshly criticised by the opposition parties declaring the bill absurd. Opposing parties are calling for an inquiry by a committee. An official while talking to the media said that CNG stations were collecting GIDC from the people under GIDC Act 2015 and were not passing the amount to the government as CNG stations were getting stay orders from the court.

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It is to be noted here that CNG stations would have to pay PKR 12 billion in two installments in three months time. Minister of State for Finance Rana Mohammad Afzal said CNG stations were using stay orders to not pay the amount; however, now an agreement has been reached and they will now have to pay, he added.

Under the agreement, a total of PKR 7 billion has been waived off.

Aside from government reaching an agreement with the CNG owners, CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) prices in Sindh have increased by PKR 1.70 per kg, which now stands at PKR 81.70. The previous price of CNG was PKR 80 per kg. From December 2016 till date, the prices of CNG have risen to PKR 14 per kg.

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